Leo: It’s My Party

leo partyLeo symbolizes the heart of life, will to expression, and enormous power radiating from the center. Celebrating a solar journey, individuality, and being, the major aim of the personality is to create the Self, enliven the spirit, and keep their personal universe rotating. The “solar energy” finds its true home in this 5th sign, as it, too, longs to shine forth, emanate personal expression freely, and without opposition. The greatest happiness is found by following the course of inner destiny, which leads them towards their creative vision, and reason for existing. In personality, they express a strong magnetism, an intensification; there is always a dramatic quality whether physically expressed or operating more subtly.

Steven Forrest’s interpretation of Leo makes some of us astrologers feel a wee bit guilty for having way too much fun playing with Leo’s big hair, egos, and spoilt children imagery:

Leo: the lion. Now there’s a lot of competition for which of the astrological signs is the most misunderstood – but my personal favorite in that regard is “poor” Leo. You read most astrological literature about this sign and you get the impression that all Leos are insufferable; that they’re noisy, loud, constantly demanding attention and dancing with lampshades on their heads. Just generally being pretty ridiculous. But it’s actually difficult to find a Leo who acts that way. Much more with Leo you will find a kind of quiet dignity about the person. Yet out of that quiet dignity, there emanates a presence, a kind of star quality….Yet when your praised, when people are impressed by you, there is this curious feeling that they don’t know you at all – that they’re’ looking at some hologram of you standing somewhere near you, praising that, and not seeing you at all. Why is this, what’s going on…? Sun Signs

According to Dane Rudyhar, Leo was the true beginning of the zodiac. The author connects this idea to the beliefs of occultists that claimed it to be the first Celestial Hierarchy to operate in our universe. Who is Leo anyway? Are they the creator, the artist, the child at play, or the leader? Leo is thought to have a larger ego center since being ruled by the Sun. Not all Leos are self-centered, but they do have a strong desire to express their divinity, fiery essence, and creative output. The wounded pride is something common to the Leonian personality, and this hurt is a personal blow towards their individuality and self-expression, their joyful heart not being accepted.

Leo’s gift for artistry, designing the life they truly want is unparalleled. It is something of a profound art to be able to have such keen insight into life’s deeper purpose. A great power wells up in such a spirit, there is often a colorful personality, and they see all things as significant expressions of their destiny, it’s like God on the line informing Leo of the best route for their personal growth. They are more clued into to their true purpose which is to find things in life where the personality can shine. Plus, the need to be in the spotlight for their strengths and excellent individual contributions to the world at large.

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