sun square mercury synastry
Moving in different directions, but the mental energy is high

A couple with Sun square Mercury synastry can have a strong tension between individual ego and the hustle bustle of communicating in the Mercurial city. It can be something of a challenge, especially when in a discussion, Some astrologers have equated this with too much of  a brotherly type of relationship, and it works well in a platonic role. The truth of this statement would really be only for the couple to judge. Nobody wants to read about a friendly connection when searching for answers about their love life.

Basically, with this aspect, the two of you do not always see eye-to-eye on issues, and it is very easy for the Mercurial person to become critical of the Sun. Compounding the problem is the Sun’s inclination to be very sensitive to criticism from Mercury and consequently react defensively to this criticism. This need not be a serious problem, however; a little tolerance for each other’s right to disagree and respect for individual differences is all it takes to make personal differences interesting rather than annoying.

One of the most relevant issues that come up, over and over – is not being able to see the other’s point of view. There can be criticism, dispute, and generally squaring off in communication. Pride could be hurt by sharp words, and it can sometimes be difficult to find that natural flow of communication. What could help is to develop an ability to take a real interest in each other’s life, and personal take on the world. Otherwise, it can be a somewhat troublesome connection. The communication waves meet a dead end eventually, with nobody feeling satisfied. Steven Forrest describes this contact as if the couple had the same dictionaries all with the same words but different definitions. Other descriptions, describe Sun square Mercury in synastry as one person in this relationship acting mentally superior to the other. Thus, we really have an ego and intellectual clashes happening.

Sun square Mercury Synastry


sun square mercury synastry
Sun square Mercury brings the ego clashing with the other’s critical mind

Communication, expression of ideas, writing, humour, intellectual expression, verbal skills, and thinking come into contact with ego-involvement, self-esteem, importance, worth, respect, and self-image, in a highly challenging way. The couple feels a powerful need for exchange and analyzing. One person’s way of expressing their individuality is at different purposes to the way the other perceives life. One’s identity meets sharply with the other’s thought processes

As a couple, this can illuminate learning for both. It can bring daily communication to the max. Usually naturally flowing aspects to Mercury encourage understanding and facilitates the ability to see the other’s perspective. This can produce crossed wires, resulting in feuds, squabbling, and general tension. Perhaps something in the other’s life is out of sync with the day-to-day scheduling. One must also remember that this is also a highly energizing contact for interface, interchange, talk and conversation. It can really emphasize the exchange of ideas, even if passionate, producing lively and illuminating conversations between the couple. This relation will shed light on areas of writing, communication, and this bright energy between them is powerful. All couples fight to some degree, many are together for years, and never always agree. The most difficulty with this challenge is finding objectivity, and not taking it all too personally. One can offer strength and power to the other’s mental processes, while recognizing the importance of differing views, learning to make oneself understood. Try to maintain a critical distance from each other when things heat up in another debate.

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