Month: October 2015

Venus-Neptune Aspects: Lovers Disappearing

Question: Neptune has a theme of ‘disappearance’ and of also being ‘disappointing’. Are these two patterns common when Venus is

north node in astrology

North Node in Astrology

Question: What is the True Node about? What does it represent? This is an old term for the North Node

Great Book Suggestion

Question: Do you have a great book suggestion:  A much often asked question in astrological circles, understandably people want good

Venus in Capricorn: Gold Digger

Question: Does venus in Capricorn only care about status and money? Are they gold diggers? Too right, when Venus is

Mercury Opposite Neptune

With Mercury opposite Neptune, your imagination has full reign in this surreal and expansive expression of the mind. Insightfully and creatively

Sun Sextile Saturn

The Sun is sextile Saturn represents a productive individual with a high focus, they work hard and successfully manage daily

The Moon Represents Emotions

Question: What do they mean when they say the Moon represents Emotions? Interpreting the Moon as symbolic of our emotions

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect You?

Question: How does Mercury Retrograde affect you?  Mercury Retrograde is a funny one (literally) because during its recent backwards journey

Libra: Here Comes the Bride: 7 Vows

1. Equality: Libra is the one wearing the artsy symmetrical wedding dress guided by some cosmic intent for them to form

Mercury Sextile Mars Synastry

With Mercury sextile Mars in synastry, it can indicate an involvement in communication where the sparks fly. In many ways, it