7 Ways to Understand the Moon

tumblr_m28nuiwwsy1rosrwvo3_12801. Many Moons ago, we found out the lunar body in the nighttime sky forms this psychological and everyday polarity with the Sun. The Moon in our personality encourages us to look inwards not outwards. It rules all females. All nighttime or unconscious activities fall under her rulership: shadowy creatures, heightened intuition, and habitual habits.

2. The Moon is the natural ruler of the fourth house from which our roots grow and run deep. It is here where we gather our emotional strength and substance. In most cases, it was the Mother who fulfilled the nurturing role, protecting us in a strong, psychic bond.

3. The Lunar feelings from the past, ripple all the way to the present and wash over all areas of our life. If our roots are entwined around unhappy memories from childhood and they still feel dramatic and vivid, then these remembrances can affect our moods daily. Memories are created all of the time. We can choose to release negative emotions and create new happy experiences. It’s not about burying the past or dissociating from it, but we should try not to let the past spoil our current mood. The Moon can feel as sensitive as a weather barometer rising and falling. Moods pass and move through different phases. Richard Carlson was probably right when he said, “A low mood is not the time to analyze your life. To do so is emotional suicide.”

4. The Dark Side of the Moon is not just a Pink Floyd album. In astrology, it relates to the shadowy parts of the self. As any nighttime lover knows: when the Moon is out it’s time to release creativity to its fullest. The Lunar part of the personality reflects the many different shades of being. So, we can be feeling weak and waning or feel that psychic power is increasing to Full Moon levels. The Moon is symbolic of what it actually FEELS like to be human, to feel such deep emotions, and is filled with craters. The Moon, overall, is the most UNDERSTANDING of all of the planets, knowing and intuitive of our deepest needs.

5. The Moon side of our personality loves to hang on to memorabilia. It is often the place we need to clean out those bulging closets and crowded shelves. We will always find – particularly around the watery parts of the birth chart – there is a need for some periodic emotional cleaning, and sweeping out of the clutter negatively influencing us from the past. It involves clearing away all of those funky emotions blocking up our emotional bogs, swamps, and marshes, anything preventing us from making progress. Clearing out the water pipe is not the easiest or most pleasant job, incredibly foul smelling at times, but it’s a pretty good feeling when the water runs clear.

6. The Moon has been related to the human soul, or, more accurately, subconscious parts of the being. It represents the sum of the past and anything deeply rooted in our personality.

7. The Moon as the night light is associated with womb-like darkness, there is a mystery, uncertainty, and a struggle to make our way out into the light of life. We all fall comfortably back into the Moon instinctively – like walking a well-known path or heading home, we need no directions.


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