8 Pluto Meanings That Scare the Crap Out of You

pluto astrology

1. Pluto rules RESURRECTION and it takes the mind to the movie Pet Cemetery. Well c’mon, they always come back all worm-eaten, rotten, and bad. Basically, they are not the same person anymore. To raise the dead is usually thought of as something an individual should NEVER do, and this rule applies no matter how much a person/black cat is loved.Patently, it also reminds us of imperfect regenerations: one such case is when us women use our witchy powers for evil and resurrect an old relationship. Conceivably it’s also why some Pluto people turn into mean mojo’s when treated horribly and take everyone down with them. It’s no lie, they seem to have accumulated some otherworldly – underworld power – during downtime. Yeah, so resurrection takes first place; sometimes the comeback is everything, but sometimes the dead need to stay dead. Pluto implicitly states you can not bypass his realm of death, so pay attention to the importance of expiry dates and all will be fine.

2. The planet Pluto rules PSYCHOANALYSIS, which I love. However, do we really want people digging around in our brain to find out why we are so fucked up? Do we want somebody unearthing some of our most painful and private memories, laying our soul bare? If we go through all of this shit again, we can finally learn the secrets reasons to what is really wrong with us. Unnnnnncomfortable, but it kinda does release all of our emotional junk and then we feel all spiritually brand new and stuff. We will usually go off for a while feeling better about ourselves, perhaps even feeling more pristine having removed all the psychological sludge from our soul. Still, we will continue to gather more emotional junk or resurge the past and need to go back to a shrink for profound wisdom. It is somewhat frightening when someone knows why we are really scared, the real reasons. They are incredibly helpful for dealing with the monsters in our head, but it’s never pleasant going through the junkyard or cemetery at night and rehashing all of the pain. Sometimes just talking about my personal scars over the years, is a place I NEVER want to return. Psychology, kind of spine-chilling in the way it loves all of this Dark Night of the Soul mumbo jumbo.

3. Pluto is the god of all ENDINGS. Meaning, the door can be closed on us any time he damn well pleases. No choice. No second chances. No way to do it all again. Nada. Zero. Zilch. When it’s over, it’s really over. Sadly, what is already written cannot be unwritten and all of that disconcerting prophecy, fatalist, end of days talk.

4. Pluto is associated with the DARK SIDE OF LIFE, similar to that feeling you get when some weirdo follows you home every night. The fact that there are people out there who might want to kill us is terrifying. When you get right down to it, what it symbolizes is our struggle for survival against the unknown enemy, even struggling to fight the darkness and destructiveness lurking inside of us. Not pretty.

5. Pluto is UNFLINCHING. I mean, nothing scares this bloke, NOTHING. When death is your domain what is there left to worry about. The unpleasant side of life rolls off this Hades guy, living in the underworld, like water rolling off a duck’s back. Sometimes I am not sure if this sends chills down my spine, or it’s bloody awesome.

6. Pluto represents the MOST POWERFUL ENERGY known to mankind. Not only on a personal level can we self-destruct and say, ‘fuck it, I’m getting outta here for good’ but also on a larger scale. Around Pluto’s discovery, there was atomic power, mass destruction all round. Sure it’s nice to know we are powerless against being blown to smithereens when somebody’s had a bad day. Actually, that is also what is scary, someone else’s destructive power, feeling powerless against the ticking time bombs that exist in society, again #fightingforsurvival.

7. Pluto rules all of those things we FEAR and we seek to bury these feelings. There are some things I just won’t talk about.

8. In Pluto’s realm, we can be cleansed by fire. Sounds a lot like BURNING IN HELL. However, this is what will enable us to purge all the unhealthy things we have kept locked up for so long. We are reminded that we do traditionally burn people after death and spread their ashes somewhere the individual felt some deep resonance with. Fiery transformations help to cleanse all of our sins, but it can still give Carrie White nightmares. Even though, on the positive side, when  everything is burned we can start all over again. Our astrology textbooks make it seem all “spiritual,” even if it all feels intensely horrifying to strike a match to the past, burn bridges, set fire to ex-boyfriends. However, it might be the only thing to set us free so we can soar like a phoenix rising from the ashes.