The Moon Represents Emotions

2491365Question: What do they mean when they say the Moon represents Emotions?

Interpreting the Moon as symbolic of our emotions can produce a vague portrayal of this otherwise powerful celestial body in astrology. Everybody, of course, has an emotional side, nobody is born Moonless. Naturally, we all possess a natal Moon in the horoscope and it is a kind of fate for human beings to undergo powerful inner experiences. These personal feelings connected to the lunar realm will often characterize our most automatic responses, and it will always be something stirring deep within us on an unconscious level. You’ll also notice, the moony-self is linked to the subjective side of the personality, a deeply hidden part of us and completely internal, sometimes imaginatively called our nocturnal being.

The Moon interpreted by sign, house, and aspects will, therefore, reflect our internal reaction to anything happening in our life. No matter what we are displaying on the surface, under those layers, there are moods that can be hard to define. That last point is important. Sometimes we just don’t know the reason why are we feeling upset and it can be difficult to identify the underlying cause, strange as it may sound. As an example, if your best friend suddenly tells you that she is getting married, how do you react? In theory, you should be ‘over the moon’ for her. However, suddenly you might be feeling rather sad or angry. It can take some deep psychoanalyzing to uncover the real reason why a mood has taken hold, and it may reflect hidden fears of abandonment, jealousy, or other doubts and insecurities. Another example is when we get a new job, again, we should feel glad, but underneath all we feel is a deep anxiety. The Moon likes to feel secure so any change always threatens our sense of personal safety.

Your Moon sign indicates your immediate reactions at the instinctual or gut level. It shows what is going on underneath, which sometimes you’re not even aware of. The Moon reacts. By Love Planets

Feelings About Feelings

We even have feelings about feelings and while we enjoy being in a happy mood, it is also obvious that we hate to feel down and depressed. Nobody is devoid of emotions, but some people cover them up well. Some astrologers refer to the Moon as the ‘heart of the chart’ and the most soulful aspect of our personality. The feelings run deep in this part of the horoscope and it symbolizes our defenses and protectiveness and this is because the lunar part of our being is an extremely vulnerable area.

You don’t mess around with emotions. They are the instinctive part of us, and the emotional connections of the lunar energy are what connect us to other human beings. The Moon is not a separate planet and needs others. We often feel a deep empathy with anybody feeling isolated, lonely, neglected for its hurts deeply at the emotional core of our being. Even when everything’s going our way we can still be sad. Or anxious. Or uncomfortably numb. Because we can’t always control our emotions even when things are perfect. It is often claimed that emotions can blind us to the truth, but is is also an extremely difficult thing to go against our emotions.

Emotions make us intuitive and psychic, but they can also cause us to be irrational and we must contend with emotional intensity and also moodiness. The lunar part of the self can take us on an emotional roller-coaster ride, a journey of laughter and tears and every sentiment in between. The Moon is where our feelings are profoundly entrenched in our character and rise to the surface. Another good way to view the Moon is to think about what Alex Rosenburg said:

Emotions have no foresight. They can’t look ahead. They only look back to what enabled your ancestors to survive. If you allow them to overmaster you in the life-or-death choice you face, you’ll regret it in the future that your emotions cannot see.”

It’s true, the Moon is mostly concerned with everything past and the various emotions about how we felt at various points can hold us back from the future. This silvery luminary in our horoscope always take us back to either good and bad memories but never forward.