Venus Conjunct Pluto

tumblr_ndspzcpa4S1riovfuo1_500An individual with Venus conjunct Pluto wants to be loved passionately and is starving for a deep, intense and profound love.

At its darkest level, such an aspect can be interpreted as the enchantress luring others to obsession and to doom. One man with this contact, and it can be described as an uncontrollable desire, lured a young girl into the dark woods where he raped and drowned the young beauty in a river. Haven’t you ever known someone rejected by a lover, sometimes they are consumed by jealousy and rage, never letting go. Hiding in the shadows, unseen but boiling inside, the emotions are insatiable, never tiring, emotional obsessions taking over the life-blood, even with a kind of  twisted love.Well, this is how one meets with the blackest kind of loving in the realm of Plutonian curses, hexes, and poison love spells.

Many times, Venus-Pluto will have these unspoken demands and want to feel like a vital necessity and if love is wilting it will need an extra shove. For this kind of person wants all or nothing. Relationships are sometimes maintained through dramatic methods and no one can out do such passionate declarations of love. Such terms of endearment permeate the fabric of intimacy. We often find a hot-blooded siren out to snare, the all-time charmer, concealing Plutonian power behind a screen of social graces. The Venusian magnetism not only sure of what they want but also knowing how to get it.

The individual or a partner also takes care to systematically eliminate anything in life which poses a danger to the bond. Usually, they like to keep one step ahead of the mate in understanding what makes them tick. Being controlling, there is an element of wanting to stay in the driving seat at all times. Also, making themselves very necessary to a lover. The temptations to probe into past love affairs is often best avoided, everybody needs to keep some secrets.

The individual needs to know if the partner loves them as much as the last companion. Venus conjunct Pluto often must learn to let go of insecurities and realize if they are present in a relationship, believe they are the central love now. If they are as smart and charming as they appear, then realize that jealous and clinging vines strangulate any budding romance. Venus-Pluto tops the list for being one of the most emotionally insecure aspects, unconscious complexes often destroy a relationship. Sometimes this contact can be best described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

Venus conjunct Pluto will often consider themselves to be a great lover, and tend to smolder a bit. Psychologically healing with great charisma they have the capacity to diagnose and put their finger on any source of difficulty. There is black magic in the love-life and they love anything mysterious. Sometimes they apply detective work to a partner analyzing their actions and motivations. Quite often, great energy is channeled into relationships and throughout a lifetime, the need has arisen to accept endings as a result of partings or death. Some people are dealing with the most compulsive of elements of loving and with a partner wielding all the power. Moreover, others may have behaved possessively and majorly concerned with their own emotional fulfillment.

The individual with Venus-Pluto in aspect may have also been on the receiving end of plotting and revenge when a relationship has been terminated. A lack of trust may plague personal commitments resulting in alienating a lover or holding on too tightly.

Venus conjunct Pluto may express intense feeling through beauty, artistic creations, and creative objects, they can also be attracted to medicine, psychology, and the counseling professions.

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