Month: December 2015

Aspects to the Moon

On its most occult level, the Moon is the permanent temple of the soul, some believe it has taken us

pisces wasted

Pisces: The Wasted

Question: With Pisces’ tendency towards alcohol, drugs and other forms of escapism is the person fated to simply being wasted? The

Pluto Transits the 1st House: What to Expect?

What can I expect in next few years when Pluto enters my first house? When Pluto transits through the 1st

Have You Ever Dated A Scorpio?

Question: Have you ever dated a Scorpio? How important was sex in the relationship?  Yes. Why do you need to

The South and North Node – The Sweet and Sour

The North Node attributes are what we need to develop and strengthen; the nodal axis itself, containing both South and

Hard Aspects: Nothing but Trouble?

Question: Do Hard Aspects indicate an insecure personality with a life full of struggle? Well, somewhat, but who doesn’t feel insecure

Moodiest Moon Sign

Question: What Moon signs are the moodiest? The answer might be somewhat obvious if we look at it straightforwardly. Since

Pluto’s Discovery and Astronomical Features

As early as 1905, Percival Lowell thought there was a planet (mysterious planet x’) beyond the orbit of Neptune and he

Mars Sextile Jupiter

An individual with Mars sextile Jupiter will often possess this fiery nature, albeit subtle, symbolizing a bold character with a

The Astrology of Generosity

Question: What aspects point to generosity and a giving spirit?  In general, we can look to Jupiter for material giving,