Month: January 2016


Taurus is closely associated with the second month of spring and the nature and qualities of Taurus are closely associated

Mercury-Pluto Aspects: Paranoid Much?

Question: I have Mercury square Pluto and I feel everyone always has ulterior motives. Some kind of secret to hide.

Moon-Pluto Aspects: The Dark Moon

The aspects of the Moon conjunct, square or opposite Pluto have a very intense effect. We are confronted with feelings of extremes,

Pluto is Release

The planet Pluto rules death, finality, and energy ceasing to exist. When caught in the deep contemplation of reaching the

Cookbook Astrology

Question: Why do astrologers continue to write astrology cookbooks and not anything on chart synthesis? Astrologers have “some ‘splainin’ to

Earth Signs: The Spiritual Trinity?

The Earth signs in astrology rule over the element we know best, since it is our physical home. In one

Virgo and Pisces: Loose Threads

Virgo has the urge to tie up loose threads, clear away excess clutter, and is known to be neat as

Venus-Saturn: Winter Takes its Dreary Place

The song Love Strikes by Katherine McPhee poetically runs alongside Venus-Saturn’s classical interpretations. The denial of affection. Feeling unloved. The

Venus in Sagittarius: The Map of a Heart

Those with Venus in Sagittarius desire to establish relationships allowing for greater exploration, but this certainly does not have to

Virgo in Pictures