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tumblr_nsj2fuItRt1uut6gfo1_1280Originally, I was only going to add on a Membership Site separately from The Astrology Place website. It looked really hard to migrate everything. In truth, I didn’t realize I was so tech savvy to have been able to import all posts and redirect everything, so still really shell-shocked at actually being able to do it all. High fives my Uranus in 3rd trine Mercury, as I kind of thought it was only good for astrology. I would have probably picked a better name for the URL. And I need a better Gravatar next to posts. It will take some time to tidy up, and I will explain more soon, going to bed. Everything just worked fine when I was just experimenting to see if it all would zoom over here.

Also, don’t panic. All 1,000 plus articles previously on my old website will still all be available for FREE.