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Pluto is Release

The planet Pluto rules death, finality, and energy ceasing to exist. When caught in the deep contemplation of reaching the end of days, it sends an icy, freezing, and terrifying feeling through our body. However, Pluto isn’t only about taking a physical life, ripping the soul out of its shell. Suppose death had a heart to love and to release us. Pluto isn’t out to destroy our very essence and to cause us an inordinate amount of deep pain for nothing. Every planet has a purpose and one of Pluto’s motivations is to free us from a place of despair, suffering, loneliness, even a shameful event. None of us can lighten the load of our Plutonian sphere of life, without throwing out some baggage. Pluto represents a place in the psyche so unconscious that we can’t even understand why there is something in our life filling us with so much fear. Overall, it is difficult to really find the root cause of this blockage in our life. Pluto ticks always under the surface, a deep wound which remains fixed, sitting below the border of consciousness. The Plutonian aspect of life is thought to be our fate written in black ink and sunk deeply into our skin. Pluto is a powerful representation of deep issues which are keeping us stuck like flies to molasses. Pluto is also like our dark room in the landscape of the soul. Modern astrologers believe that Pluto unlocks the key to a deep mystery of primary events that circle around the same issues. The impacts of such events are always reverberating.  Pluto twists up everything inside so intensely that if we don’t find release it explodes anyway, violently, self-destructively, painfully. The release we are trying to achieve could be due to fear, shame or guilt. Nobody fully knows the soil of circumstances that Pluto will bring. Pluto could visit us physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally. Natally by house placement, the planet rules the place where we seek to purge right from underneath. To Plato, death is the release of the imperishable soul from the perishable tomb of the body….

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