Month: February 2016

Sun-Saturn: A Bigger Mountain to Climb

When the Sun is in aspect to Saturn the person tends to focus their willpower on lasting accomplishments, hard work,

Venus-Neptune Aspects: The Veil

Venus-Neptune is The Veil when it comes to relationships and its effect can be like sipping a love potion and

Capricorn: The Deal Made

Question: How ruthless will a Capricorn be to get to the top of the ladder? Capricorn can be tough when

Virgo: The Shitty End of the Stick

An individual with the Sun in Virgo thrives on work and this is their purpose in life to find something where

The Plutonian: A Tale on Horribleness

Pluto really makes contact with everything existing below and it expresses itself through intense experiences finding its way into crisis,

Jupiter in Leo: The Big Cat

An individual with Jupiter in Leo possesses an element in their personality which is large, warm, and sunny. No matter

Uranus: Thrill Seeking Anxiety

Uranus is filled with a gooooood anxiety, the planet can have us buzzing, especially with its thrill-seeking in unexpected events.

Sun-Neptune Aspects: Psychic Limbo

When the Sun is conjunct, square or opposite Neptune the life is usually guided by something larger. This vastness can

Virgo: The Seamstress

Question: I believe the descriptions for Virgoan placements are just limiting and unimaginative, and is a large part of the


Virgo is the sign of the virgin, but you can’t take the symbolism too literally. I can assure you that