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Beauty is Libra’s Weapon

Harmony, balance, and rhythm. They’re the three things that stay with Libra for a whole life. For Librans, relationships are a development and a dance between our inner male and female sides. The greatest accord in life will involve bringing these things into balance and knowing how to go from sunrise to sunset. The main developmental aim of Libra is to achieve a state of grace, therefore, we often find them in the role of geometer in order to discover the inherent proportion, equilibrium, and harmony existing in anything. This kind of resulting harmonious striving produces in the psyche a pressing need for everything to exist in true proportion and this is an equation that states that two ratios are equal. The ancients envisioned their world in two halves – masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and Yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced there was chaos. Libra is like the princess in an ivory tower living by pure white ideals. Such a fortress remains impenetrable even if there are stormy emotions and tides of uncivilized behavior, monsters, or savage wolves outside threatening to undermine it. This is Libran’s command center, power base, a gleaming snow coloured office hung with beautiful pieces of art, everything turns around in perfect harmony; there is refinement, taste, and restrained behavior. Stand at the edge of these doors and you will always be presented with a united front of peace, equilibrium, and the powerful desire to work with others. The creation of an ideal world is at the top of their political and diplomatic agenda. Some may say our Libra can only exist in a world of abstractions, but we often need Libra’s romanticized view of the world and this striving for opposites to meet in some form of civilization, otherwise, society itself feels out of whack. In this zodiacal realm, everything is idealized into perfect working order. Libra is the blue-white sky clouded happiness and perfect work of architecture with all parts harmoniously conceived complementing and supporting orderliness, logic, and abstract beauty. A Libran woman is easy to fall in love with as many men want to climb this princess’s ivory towers and slay all of her bloody dragons. Lovers can put her on a pedestal, sometimes she reminds them of a well-proportioned porcelain doll, but anything too symmetrical and we tend to find it cold. Symmetry is great for buildings, statues, and for hanging pictures on the wall. A lovely eloquence, a calming symmetry radiates from this personality; Libra must remember, however, that the human heart likes a little disorder. A Libran is often accused of not living in reality; she is elegant detachment with impossibly high ideals, even if the gorgeous and perfect can only remain in one’s head. The ultimate idealistic lover and she will battle the vulgar with romantic views often doomed to meet reality. The ideal partner respects Libra’s views, thinks of them as an equal, respects their intelligence and all will be good just as long as she remembers that love can be difficult for it is messy and painful. For Libra tries hard to avoid everything which is shadowy, people and situations which were too real, resenting their intrusion. As a Venusian ruled sign, the world of relationships is governed perhaps in more aesthetic context and even though these can never be perfect as we have to bend and compromise; the concept of fairness is powerful for a Libran. All of this involves using the thinking element of AIR, but over compromising, of course, can cover many grudges, cold simmering resentment, denial of stormy emotions, and trying hard to hide those murky corners. The side step of compromise often avoids any unnecessary violent type of confrontation which Libra really dislikes. A Libran will always live by what they think is right, and possesses an enchanted loveliness, with a need to mend broken bridges, smooth ruffled feathers; she herself likes to live a well-ordered life, without the interference of raggedy madness. Libra likes to live away from the unwashed masses and the attainment of unflappable peace is everything; the soaring harmony of the white dove is this sign’s emblem. The thoughts are always flying off somewhere else in deliberation, contemplating over some important issue in their life. In evolutionary astrology, it is believed Libra experienced something earth shattering and the soul is now picking up the pieces and restoring a sense of balance into the psyche. Libra wants the smoothly functioning society and they have an important job to act as the restorers of balance to our planet. Libra is famous for making the deals, accommodating themselves to society; they are the half-way, in-between, mid-way point of the entire zodiac. Some people say compromising is for the fence-sitters, the apologetic, the afraid to take a stand type of person. The Libran would argue that relationships are about a meeting of minds and it is about where one complements the other. Where there is equality, there will be justice. And where justice is honored and preserved, there will always be rightness. Libra is the balanced equation but if we go too far to one extreme, life kindly brings us back toward the center. Libra can find violent behavior offensive and the sign is not the greatest fan of man’s desires and animalistic side or the volcano within society. So Libra urges the for a powerful restraint and believes that humans are impulsive creatures and will tip the balance of our world. The contention arises mainly because human beings have choices, unlike animals. In essence, humans can do what they love to do and choose what not to do. It means behaving well or good etiquette. It is acting with heedfulness, beauty, refinement, graciousness, and respect for others. The Koran teaches us the importance of acting beautifully. “Do what is beautiful. God loves those who do what is beautiful.” Libra believes that Man should be far removed from their jungle instincts. Libra comes to sit between the balance of good and evil, preferring laws that keep a balance between our bestial nature and our thinking soul. Spiritual disharmony and disbalance are two obsessions and act as a great push for their beautiful and artistic style, beauty is Libra’s weapon against destructive nature….

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