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Chandra Levy: Venus-Pluto – Affair with a Man in Power

This case has often been of interest since as I am drawn to charts with Venus-Pluto aspects, with attention to, what occurred in the love life. It must be said that not everybody lives out their chart in such extremes, drama-filled ways, or meets with such a horrible end. Chandra was an intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and as she was finishing a six-month stint, disappeared without a trace. All of her bags were ready and packed waiting by the door after completing her term but the intern had vanished completely and this obviously arose concern. As the case was brought to light, it was found she was having an affair with a married man, Gary Condit. He was a Congress man she was working under during the apprenticeship. Now, nobody has ever found any evidence for pinning the blame on him, even if it all sounds highly suspicious. Another man previously convicted of attacking two other women was found guilty of attacking Chandra, who was an aspiring journalist, shown by Jupiter in Gemini (writing and reporting) in the 10th house of career goals, the killer tied her up and left Chandra to die of starvation and dehydration. When the affair began, Venus and Mars – a notable aspect of frivolous, playful, seductive behavior – progressed over her natal Venus in Aries opposition to Pluto. Transiting Jupiter was conjunct Jupiter in the 10th house indicating massive opportunities in a particular area of life, in this light, by landing a great career jump up the ladder. Although, in retrospect now, fate could be changed if she had not travelled down there for this internship. It is like the Thailand backpackers travelling under a Jupiter Return who were also murdered. Great opportunities at the time, but with dire consequences in the end. It surely can’t mean that we should stay at home, seeing that, nobody knows how anything will turn out regardless of a decision. In the natal chart, transiting Saturn is trining Venus and one can’t help but think of mixing business with pleasure and the attraction to a partner older in years. Venus in the 8th house is opposite Pluto has a lot to do with the secrets and hush-hush nature of this love affair with a wedded man. Venus-Pluto has to be careful about fixing all love on one person believing they can fill something burning deep within. An emotional spur can exist where they are attracted to impossible love situations sometimes this is a powerful public figure or somebody who can never belong to them in this lifetime no matter what. The heart wants what the heart wants can lead them into some extreme and dangerous situations. Sometimes they love a challenging relationship as it keeps the inferno burning, sets fantasies ablaze and can lead to complex loving. No ordinary love is craved, and they need something fulfilling. Venus-Pluto: The Magnificent Obsession Around the time of the Murder: Transiting Pluto was squaring the Moon and Mars in Pisces. Mars-Pluto is known to be a violent configuration, sometimes involving rape and murder, of course, brutality is not the only interpretation, but this can happen. With Moon-Pluto transits, it often involves a passageway way into the lower depths and can make one terribly intense, things are felt more powerfully; it can create obsessions, stalking situations, feelings of betrayal, and powerful involvements.  Astrologers will tell a woman to be more careful during these kinds of transits, even so, with such advice, we don’t really know if we have the power to change any event, but an attempt must be made to try and keep a woman safe. Mars is placed natally in the 8th house of the horoscope and this is a difficult position for Mars; it buries intensity of feeling until it all explodes, sometimes violently because everything has been suppressed deep down into the unconscious. When Mars is found in the 8th house the individual is often battling the most dangerous elements of life and is forced to survive. One of the main challenges has to do with boundaries and fighting for independence in the face of threats, manipulation, and the power of another. Mars in the 8th House A difficult Venus or Mars can have us wondering why we attract such difficult men in our lives. Even with Pluto in the 3rd house, one wonders if she was killed because she was going to expose something. But these are all speculations. Pluto here could just as easily represent a dangerous man in the neighbourhood (3rd). Lastly the Moon/Mars square to Neptune is probably played out in the disappearance the surrounding confusion around what exactly happened this young woman with her whole life ahead. We usually talk about the elusive mermaid energy in more romantic ways, but it can play out tragically in the horoscope….

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