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Neptune and Pisces: Spaced-Out Astral Swimmers

Alan Oken discussed dipositors in his book Rulers of the Horoscope. The author described how “Neptune in Pisces being a final dispositor in a chart occurs only once in about one hundred and sixty years. The next time this can happen will begin in the year 2011. Stay tuned – there will be a few incredibly gifted psychics and gurus and enormous fleet of spaced-out astral swimmers!” In the Pisces realm, enter into the higher echelons of dopedom, where logic seems to shift like loose cargo, and the meaning of anything seems to mutate, everything feels like it takes place under water. Pisces believes the laws of life have their origin beyond mere physical manifestations and compel us to consider their spiritual source.  In the nineteenth century, when Neptune was discovered, beliefs in occult powers blended with an interest in paranormal and spiritualist phenomena. The unseen agents that some held responsible for table rapping, telekinesis and spirit messages were variously identified as the immaterial essences of the dead. All of this ghostly talk, however, is not an encouragement to turn a blind eye to all of the major deceptions that were happening at the time. People were being duped, cheated, and scammed. When the magic of Neptune is unweaving, we all become disenchanted. Still, people were willing to expand their consciousness beyond the gray, normal, monochrome of this world. At the end of this same century, Yeats said: I cannot get it out of my mind that this age of criticism is about to pass, and an age of imagination, of emotions, of moods, of revelation, about to come in its place for certainly belief in the supersensual world is at hand. On another note, Neptune types would not mind this newsflash coming onto the television screen during Neptune’s strange passing through Pisces: Today a young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.” ― Bill Hicks Pisces consists of the tension which connects spirit with the realm of matter. It has been observed that the world’s apparent solidity seems to flicker and go transparent. Neptune also rules drinks, drugs, and anything addictive, and this surely alters our perceptions. No drugs are needed for the mind to shift, and there are all kinds of activities which move the feelings. Music is a mood altering phenomenon, certain resonances, stroke of a chord, make us feel somber or sad. The Neptunian multicolored world is what gives us so much art, photography, and the glamorous veils of cinema. One of my favorite words for Pisces is content, after all, a Neptunian type of person is covered – and I mean covered – by a giant ocean of creative content.  …

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