Month: March 2016

Pisces: Disappearing into the Deep

Pisces is the last of the MUTABLE signs, in the element of WATER, signifying the time of completion of the

Virgo: Being Mindful

Virgo, the second MUTABLE sign, is in the element of EARTH. The sign symbolizes the changeover between summer and autumn,

Sagittarius: Quests and Adventures

Question: Why does Sagittarius pursue quests and adventures? For Sagittarius it might be about: Self-discovery To find answers Learn more

Astrology: Religion and Spirituality

How do I analyze religion and spirituality in the birth chart?  It is a hard question to answer. Jupiter, Sagittarius,

Scorpio: Emotional Undercurrents

Scorpio is a FIXED sign and sits in the middle of the watery trigon. This is an area of crisis,

Aquarius: Life Giving Stream

Symbolized by the philanthropic and objective Water Bearer, your energy is innovative and avant-garde. You like to think of yourself as an eclectic

Gemini: The Most Mutable of Mutables

Gemini, the first MUTABLE sign, is in the element of AIR. Astrologers call it the most mutable of mutables, and

Astrology Stereotypes

Question: Is Astrology full of stereotypes? The word ‘stereotype is today always a term of abuse. It can stem from

Vesna Vulović: Survives a 33,333 ft Fall

Vesna Vulovic was a young 22-year-old flight attendant working for Yugoslav Airlines. Due to a mix-up on her work schedule,

How to Interpret the Inconjunct? The Ease and the Tension

Question: How do I interpret an inconjunct aspect? The inconjunct is a tricky one to explain. The interpretations in most