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Aspects: Wired That Way

The aspects in the horoscope are about identifying the different facets of our personalities. The aspects are often treated as separate parts but somehow combine with each other, which make for the unity of the self or what we call character. The aspects represent a powerful flow of subjective life, conscious and unconscious. The astrological chart can paint a vivid picture of the heights and depths of the personality. In the book Key Words for Astrology there are some interesting characters described for the aspects: [su_table] Sun- Mercury – Archetype: The Smart king  Sun-Mercury – Shadow: The Boss and his Wiley Attorney Sun-Jupiter – Archetype: The Noble-Minded King and the High Preist Sun-Jupiter – Shadow: The Megalomaniac and the Self-Righteous Man [/su_table] [su_table] Sun-Saturn – Archetype: The Solemn King and his Wise Advisor Sun-Saturn – Shadow:  The Sick King and the Old Man Moon-Neptune – Archetype: The Sensitive Queen and the Blind Seer Moon-Neptune – Shadow: The Airy-Fairy Lady and the Ghost [/su_table] [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The angular relationships between the planets in our birth chart are called the major aspects.[/pullquote] The speed at which planets move along their various orbit differs widely. As we watch them move in the heavens we can observe their constantly changing patterns and the angular relationships – or aspects – that they form with each other. These are in fact the distances between the planets, which are measured in degrees (there are 60 minutes to a degree) and minutes longitude. When a chart is drawn up for a certain time and place, these relationships between the planets are frozen in time and space, motionless for eternity. The planets represent the fundamental drives and urges within the individual psyche or motivating forces behind all our actions. The world consists of many different personalities, or temperaments, or characters. The aspects in the astrological chart describe our particular motivations or reactions when faced with a stream of events. [pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]An aspect between any two planets in the birth chart corresponds to character traits in our psychological make-up and describes an ongoing “dialogue” between the planets. [/pullquote] Aspects are characterized as major or minor, as well as challenging or flowing. The major aspects are derived from dividing the 360 circle of the ecliptic by one to obtain the conjunction (360/0). The conjunction, where two bodies occupy the same place (or nearly the same place) in longitude. Thus is the easiest planetary formation to spot, though, it would seem, it can be the most difficult to interpret. Many astrologers often struggle with multiple planets in conjunction. Dividing the circle by two is how we obtain the opposition (180). Dividing the circle by three is how we to obtain the trine (120), and by four to obtain the square (90). The minor aspects (of which the sextile is the most significant) are simply multiple subdivisions of the numbers two and three. Aspects’ effects are considered to operate within a margin of 8-10 degrees, this being known as an orb. [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Patterns formed by the planets can be like fractals and we will notice certain aspects of our lives showing the same kind of patterns repeating. In other words, the aspect shows how a person is wired up, and this is our inner psychical structure. [/pullquote] A planet in our chart may receive a lot of aspects and this body becomes a prominent planet in the horoscope. It plays an active role in the psyche and has many different expressions. An unaspected planet can also yield significant information, but the planet is less integrated into the personality and seems to have a mind of its own at times. It can do its own thing and nothing gets in the way of this process. Astrologers have called it the Maverick planet and it can show something prolific about the individual. Aspects are the most colorful parts of the personality and questions about our character have been ongoing since the beginning of personhood. A personality can also consist of many paradoxes and we can feel torn apart by contradictions and conflicts, and these are the aspecting planets at work….

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