Month: April 2016

Venus in Cancer: A Collection

With Venus in Cancer, you have the softest quality to attract others, exuding a romantic side, and being exceptionally protective of loved

Vintage Astrology

Aries, ruled by Mars, the planet of violence, guns, and bloodshed. This should give us an indication that this is

Psychic Indicators

Psychism is what lives beyond physical science, or knowledge, and represents the immaterial and the irrational side of life. A

Cancer: The Naked Crab

Cancer is the second CARDINAL sign, in the ELEMENT of WATER. This is the beginning of the watery trigon and

Sun Opposite Moon

Astronomically speaking, an opposition between the Sun and Moon in the natal chart occurs when the Moon is Full. On

8th House Quotes: Jinxes, Hexes, Curses

Let’s take a peek into that deep, dark, mysterious world of the 8th house realm. Why are those with planets

moon in leo

Moon in Leo

A person born with the Moon in Leo tends to express feelings dramatically and with intensity. At best, they can

Protective, Smothering Cancer

William Bernard of the American military, U.S. marine, awarded the Medal of Honor. He sacrificed his life to protect members of

Upton Sinclair

Upton Sinclair was a prolific writer of up to 100 books published, covering many different genres. As a proud Virgo

Movements in the Heavens: Minor Transits

Question: What indicates changes in our lives? In short, transits. In astrology, there is never a day when, astrologically, something