12th House Planets: How to Interpret?

12th house planetsQuestion: How to interpret 12th house planets? Buy a Ouija board! The mysterious, strange house is filled with mystique and it is the area of the chart said to rule the unconscious forces at work. In this house, there is something beyond the ordinary trivialities of life, where we sense there is more than what reality presents to us.

Like the 6th house relates to work and craft, the 12th house can also act as a workshop for shaping, storing, and incubating our inner-selves in the invisible realm. It’s where we hold images, memories and everything in the unconscious that often appears to us in dreams. This house contains deep intuitive intuition that mysteriously arrives by way of an unknown sender. Planets in the 12th house are like ghosts knocking about in the background. Some of the planetary issues will seem to haunt us continuously or lurk back the shadows of our mind for decades, but that’s what it is, a ghost.  I’m not whether we can make these issues “move on, ” and the problems with cease. The job of the person with a planet/s in this part of the horoscope is to find expression and that expression will be our hidden talent.

There’s always someone haunting someone-haunting someone. And you know who I am. Though I never leave my name or number. I’m locked inside of you. – Carly Simon, Haunting

In actuality, 12th house planets seek what we faintly remember and it is glimpsed through art, poetry, writing, and we feel it through drink, drugs, ecstasy, and love. It is the house of endless possibilities and it is difficult for any planets here to be clear and direct; they tend to be more fluid with their actions. There is a lot of compassion emanating from these folks for the human soul and a deep understanding is given to those who have lost their way or have become the victims of life.

12th House Planets

The ruler of the 12th house is Neptune. The planet is believed to lure us to ecstasy or to doom, the pull is related to the longing to lose oneself. In order to escape the mundane reality of life, and find union with the light. Even if that means losing stability and a grip on reality. The 12th house rules hidden causes, meanings and the collective unconscious at work. It also governs the family ghosts of our past and has been described as the dark, clandestine, mysterious house. Many 12th housers find their inspirations from tapping into lost memories, dreams, and visions and transforming it all into poems, art and film.

Yes, I am struck by the 12th house emphasis also. It certainly seems that he lived within the ambiance of the family psyche as though somehow he never quite managed to be born at all. Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology, Vol 2