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Mercury in Sagittarius: Detriment

Question: Why is Mercury in Sagittarius in Detriment? A Mercury in Sagittarius individual is always looking for an escape hatch into a new and bigger world mentally. As a large philosophical sign, with a multitude of possibilities, it ponders about many subjects. However, much of what it thinks about might not have anything to do with ordinary life. Whilst Mercurial’ energy is more concerned about making sense of the locale, what is in the immediate landscape, we find that Sagittarius’ energy cannot be held back; the source is ever-expanding away from its immediate surroundings. A Sagittarian always wants to see what is on the other side of the horizon and is a rebellious sign; it will not be chained down. Now, with Mercury in this sign, the intellect, so to speak, will always search for more, and this soaring mentality wants to cover enormous ground. So it isn’t great with the small details of life and overlooks the obvious. Whilst Mercury prefers to rationalize, deal with facts, and concrete observations, we find that Sagittarius unites the largest of principles, which it believes underly the diversity of life. In astrology, Mercury is generally equated with the ability to analyze and communicate, also with the means to make connections between people, objects, facts, and events. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest of the planets. Mercury is a neutral planet and takes on the role of reporter, and communicates what it observes. Sagittarius isn’t indifferent and has strong beliefs; rules religion and spiritual matters. Sagittarius, at its most extreme level, is the die-hard believer, the over enthusiast, the fanatic. Mercury is cold and dry and likes the rational facts – as the traditionalist would put it. The intellectual part of the Sagittarian is motivated towards long-term goals and steers away from the’ here and now’ or the mundane details of life, and it is too restless and distracted by idealistic aspirations. The mind tries to focus on the task at hand but has a tendency of galloping away towards something in the distance. Mercury delivers locally. Sagittarius to far off places. Mercury in Sagittarius asks the big questions – What are your biggest goals for your life? What progress have you made in attaining them? Is what we perceive reality or just a construct of our minds? Can our minds correctly interpret reality or is reality subjective? The bigger the questioning, the more room is needed to stretch the mind and, of course, there are no definite answers to this kind of questioning. Now, Mercury also has a curiosity about life, it sees around us and can perceive. However, as Liz Greene notes, the Mercurial energy makes fun of our beliefs: A moral and cunning deity, Mercury could also play terrible tricks on humans, suggesting our remarkable ability to fool ourselves, and to follow what we believe to be “truth” into a morass of confusion and self-deception. The mythic images associated with the astrological symbol of Mercury also describe our fundamental urge to learn. …In childhood, our boundless curiosity about life is a reflection of Mercury. Why is the sky blue? How does the caterpillar become a butterfly? Our need to understand the names of things and how they are made is one of our most fundamental human impulses. As noted, most of Mercury’s questions can be answered. Saggitarian’s questing, however,  moves into flashes of understanding and into intuitive thoughts and all of which suddenly shine forth from the heavens in its various revelations….

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