Moon in Leo

By | April 29, 2016

moon in leoA person born with the Moon in Leo tends to express feelings dramatically and with intensity. At best, they can be an excellent source of inspiration to others and will inevitably find an outlet for all their inner potential. Leo Moons have a golden quality about them that shines through, and they are naturally sociable and agreeable people.

The symbol of Leo is the Lion and this is reminiscent of their guarding, protecting side with a strong sense of dignity and inner strength; moreover, they tend to see things in a grand way. Leo’s sense of destiny is the driving force behind their achievements, but they can set high standards for themselves and expect others to emulate them. This combination is inclined to be proud, they need to be noticed and to make an impact on the environment. Similarly, they need recognition, acknowledgment, and praise from others. Furthermore, they may become compulsive in their need for attention and power and seek security in the ‘limelight’.

If your Moon sign is Leo, you are a true champagne-and-roses romantic and thoroughly enjoy being in a mutually satisfying relationship. Leo has the distinction of being the sign that rules the human heart! Romance, fun, risk-taking and having children come under the rulership of the fifth sign of Leo, and a Leo Moon person will take a romantic risk any day. You have a big heart and love is truly the elixir of life for you. The Leo Moon personality is divided into two, separate versions. Let’s see which one resonates more with your personality. The first one is the lion type of Leo Moon personality while the second is the cub type. The lion type is ambitious, dominant and charismatic, while the cub type is creative, emotional and non-aggressive. The cub type personality seeks out harmonic relationships and intimacy, and fares best with assertive lovers while the lion type needs to be with partners who will not challenge their authority or try to dominate them.  The 12 Moon Signs in Love

When the Moon is placed in the sign of Leo, there is a strong sense of individuality with this position and if their demands for attention are ignored, they feel wounded. The individual is also jealous if a loved one takes away attention, and sensitive to criticism. More usually, though, they appear confident, self-assured and forceful, as they are determined to make a definite impression on others. It is important for this sign to be recognised and it is difficult for these people to be detached. Everything is taken as personal praise or insult, but there is natural sincerity, loyalty, warmth, and generosity, that will usually draw a positive response from others.

Moon in Leo

Commonly they are optimistic, cheerful and sunny, and not much dampens their spirit. Leo possesses natural leadership qualities, and they always do things with a natural flair and showmanship. These people are often naturally artistic or interested in drama and the theatre. Some will have a natural rapport with children and will enjoy entertaining them. Not surprisingly, they can be childlike, self-expressive, and fun.

moon in leoOften the individual has a fiery temperament and straightforward honesty. Furthermore, they encourage others to get in touch with their creative and artistic side. The individual loves romance, passion and plenty of colour in their lives. At times, they can be stubborn, bossy, dogmatic and unbending, with an air of superiority about them. This person has a sense of their own importance and won’t do jobs that they consider being beneath them. Still, there is true generosity that is heartfelt, and they don’t ’give’ to receive, but need to know that their gifts are appreciated.