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moon-neptune-forget-past-2Question: Does Moon-Neptune make you forget the past? 

Moon-Neptune in aspect will not make us “forget” the past. Moon-Neptune types could feel a nostalgia for everything sitting in the basement of their home life, and even cast a magical light over it.

A significant aspect of Moon-Neptune could involve being caught up in drug or alcohol addictions or losing touch with reality at some significant time. The individual may redeem themselves, though, from such a nebulous past. They choose to keep a distance from all negative people in their life and avoid anyone from their background that are detrimental to their well-being and would only contribute to further emotional manipulation. This soul is easily roped into doing things for others and can’t say “no” and so avoidance is sometimes the reason.

Overall, Moon-Neptune is extremely sensitive to all emotional shifts in others and prefers a more quiet inner space to process. Moon-Neptune can incline an individual to be inwardly drawn on an emotional level; there is no powerful need to remain constantly social. Exceptionally watery types often need to switch off the phone, withdraw into their private world, and “dial it back” a bit from reality

moon-neptune aspects
Open-wide emotionally

The Neptune principal to the Moon overwhelms emotionally, it opens the individual “wide open.” Psychical and emotional boundaries are poor. The sympathy is enhanced and compassion for others enlarged. There are many paradoxical interpretations of whether Moon-Neptune is escaping the past, forgetting their memories or covering recollections with dreams, fantasies, and illusion. Some believe that such people have a deep bond with family and create peacefulness in the waters of a loving home. Another interpretation is all about the mother being an unhappy person and probably something of a martyr. The need to break away from emotional dependence is an absolute requirement. This over-tuning to the mother’s feelings leaves them feeling tremendously guilty all of the time.

moon-neptune-forget-past-2-1(1)oiThe Moon-Neptune person also needs some time away from life in order to access deeper layers of creativity, imagination and inspiration. The doorway between the inner and outer slips away; there is a profound need to re-connect to something trans-personal. Moon-Neptune always wants to retain their personal piece of heaven and remain in this supportive, protective, and oceanic ecstasy of feeling. Many feel like they don’t belong in this world since being “too sensitive” can separate them from reality. The best balance is to not “shut out” the world and to find some time in the evening for imagination, beauty, and peaceful serenity. The individual knows they can be hurt easily and their moods can be overwhelming. They have this psychic sea and swim chaotically about. Some individuals channel this energy into art, psychology, and dream interpretation while others use mood-changing substances.

moon-neptune-forget-past-2-1(1)iiiThe Moon-Neptune individual could feel a sense of being overwhelmed emotionally. Many people prefer to focus on family and move away from their hometown. Others create their “ideal” home away from negative environments. There can genuinely be a traumatic reason for wanting to forget the past. They are equipped with the ability to keep a “foggy” haze around this area. How nobody can “forget” where they’ve come from. Neptune is the planet of escapism, so maybe this is a better word to describe why some Moon-Neptune folks want to “forget” the past.