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Pisces: A Thousand Different Ways

Pisces will evade any attempt to pin it down. For everything in their world is in a state of shifting and changing. The mutable quality to the personality brings a multiplicity that is liberating, he/she is not pinned to one definition, things don’t have to make sense. That which happily escapes clarification and without being fixed adds movement to life. Mostly, this is fluidity in the imagination and an exploration of their inner-selves, descending into ocean-like depths. The mind is a great escape artist and Pisces is surely the sign that takes full advantage of this. The imagination of the Piscean leaps, dives, and explores, the type swims freely in a life without boundaries, rules, and limitations. The individual has the ability to see the whole picture before their eyes. Pisces is intoxicated by art in all of its forms, and it shapes a large part of their life. Those with planets or important points in Pisces dive headlong into a journey of creative actualization. The person isn’t in need of hard-fast explanations. In its truest sense, there is no need to form the world. Moreover, there is no sadness in putting experiences precisely into words. As a feeling sign, the emotions are what lead him/her to all of these different paths of possibility. Pisces is so kaleidoscopic in their many-colored ways and will often drift along without purpose. Unless there is a strong Saturn, there can be a struggle to support himself/herself. Many Piscean souls contend with reality and escape from the world because they don’t understand the universal need for them. They must, therefore, find a deeper appreciation for their unbridled creativity. Moreover, we can sadly witness the helpless and shapeless Pisces become vulnerable pickings for shadier types of people. The individual is in danger of losing their identity and becoming whoever others want him/her to be. The Piscean often finds that there is no clear line between self and others. When clear boundaries are not established and identity unarticulated, there is too much blurriness and it can create a vicious cycle. A Thousand Different Ways to Look at Life In the end, there are positive experiences of being “too malleable” and it is probably freer than most people realize. Usually, when Pisces receive a negative interpretation in astrology, it’s for being these very things -variable, floating, unfixed. With this varicolored, many-splendor and expansive aspect of their personality, every time we look away, he/she changes. For those who like things to always stay the same, it can be infuriating. But for those who want to share a part in a Piscean’s life for the long haul, the type can show them a thousand different ways to look at life and find something new every time….

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