Scorpio Traits: 10

By | April 11, 2016

Nature’s Secret Messages

Scorpio Traits

1.  At first glance, Scorpio seems to be revealing so much. The emotional depth, deep analysis and pained look at reality. Still, there is something shadowy, obscure and HIDDEN ABOUT THEIR NATURE, like a woman hiding behind huge sunglasses. In the end, we figure out that the Scorpion possesses impressive insights but has enormous reserves.

Reborn Through Fire


2. We never really know how to win with such a sign famed for winning against all odds, or taking everybody down with them. Even if it is believed that we have successfully swept Scorpio away by the plague of our war, they seem to be able to take all these seeds, remnants, and fragile remains and are successfully REBORN.

Embracing the Witch


3. The Scorpio is often linked to unlucky thirteen, black cats, witches, almost to the point of a SATANIC DARK SIDE. They play the nocturnal counterpart to our daylight conscious. The Scorpion finds kinship with unknowable mysteries, believing themselves to be full of hidden enigmas.

Power of Emotions


4. Scorpio reminds us of some of the lyrics in the Brandon Flowers song: “I was just too proud to know, there’s a power in letting go.” A major theme in their life involves LETTING GO and this difficulty in parting ways is due to their FIXED EMOTIONS.

The Life We Bury


5. Paradoxically, given the last statement, there is also a pattern of BURYING THINGS FROM THE PAST FOR GOOD. With Scorpio, it is sometimes an incomplete burial – which they soon find out later when skeletons in the closet revisit.

The Merging of Two Worlds


6. Scorpio represents MERGING. Often this is the passion of two individuals deeply in love energizing and creating more power in a fusion of souls. For passion fuels all relating in Scorpio’s terrain; without it, sex is meaningless, empty and futile. They are exceptionally loyal and strong. If a landslide tumbles down, a twister sweeps it all away; they will be right by your side.

This is Justice?


7. A Scorpion will SUSPEND MANY OF THE FILTERS THAT FACILATE EASY SOCIAL INTERACTION. They may speak about child abuse happening in our world behind closed doors, bullying in our playgrounds, the exploitation of women and the tragic imbalance of justice. These are not easy subjects to discuss in a light manner.

I then started to come across a lot of Scorpios. They like working with people on the fringes of society. They like being motivated with a sense of purpose in the work they do and they also can work for long periods without supervision and are capable of dealing with sad/upsetting/tense situations that would put the fear of God into more fluffy signs. A number of social workers I came across were Scorpio. The manager of the unit in the nursing home where my sister went is a Scorpio and I knew she was in safe hands when I found out his sign. They also have jobs in funeral parlours, or with the bereaved. They can work in incredibly intensely emotional places and are calm and collected in that work. To me, that’s deep. That takes a deep personality to want to work with people that are disadvantaged in some way, that are ‘at the mercy’ of life. How to Win the Trust of a Scorpio: Real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 8th sign of the Zodiac


8. A game people play to make themselves feel better is called The Things Could be Much Worse Scenario. Such individuals search for the disfigured, destitute, hideously ugly, walking wounded, the self-scarred. Such a mentality goes that we are not in as bad of a situation as this person.


Scorpio, when operating on the highest evolutionary level, will recognize this affliction as a part of their own shadowy landscape, thus, they’ll find a deep compassion in another’s pain. An understanding that goes deeper into their discomfort and feelings of being rejected by society. Those involved in healing areas will work upon returning a feeling of self-respect and courageousness to these souls and seek to bring out unrealized talents. It is magical how the power of transformation works when it really happens. If Scorpio energy is emphasized in the chart, then, it is magnificent for BRINGING OUT THE GREATER POTENTIALS OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. A Scorpion instinctively knows that if one can sink to the lowest depths, they can also rise to corresponding heights of spiritual evolution.

Deep and Dark and Dangerous


9. We usually link Scorpio with scary places such as dark forests and wastelands, desolate areas, nighttime territories, shadowed allies, dumpsites, seedy corners. Anything which speaks of the dark SHADOWY NATURE of the sign.

The Surface and the Abyss


10. In a world of superficiality and people obsessed with staying young and living forever, there is inevitably going to be a need for Scorpio’s realm to shine a light on matters of more depth. To take what we discard and turn it into something valuable and to realize what is really of value, sharing wisdom and increasing strength in the process. They are incredibly incisive, always looking for hidden parallels between seemingly disparate events, and laying down bare parts of their soul shared with no-one. In the end, the personality is perversely appealing, MESMERISING US WITH PERCEPTIONS OF REALITY that lodge acutely in the mind.