Month: May 2016

What’s the Best Synastry Book?

What’s the best synastry book? Understanding the astrology of a relationship is fascinating. A partner’s chart meshes with the aspects

The Contents of Aquarius’ Jug

The question burning into every astrologer’s soul – What’s in the jug? Puzzling? No doubt about it. This has given

What Orbs Are Generally Allowed for a Transit?

What orbs are generally allowed for a transit? The general thinking is that transits don’t come into consciousness full-blown and

Pluto: Fritz Brunhubner

The book on Pluto is written by Fritz Brunhubner and has been translated to make available for English-speaking students. It

Moon in the 1st House: The Weight of the Soul

The Moon in the 1st house can make the individual timid and shy, especially in youth, but they’re often protectively assertive

The Jupiter Man

Can you describe the Jupiter-type of man? Some women attracted to a Jupiter male often like the kind of man who

The 4th House Quotes

There’s no place like home. It’s where the proverbial heart is, and it’s definitely the location where chickens come home

Dinner Party for Astrologers

If you had a dinner party for three astrologers who would you invite? Okay, my dream dinner party is with

Elemental Lack

The horoscope chart naturally contains all of the FOUR ELEMENTS, houses, planets, and so forth. In this sense, nothing is

Pluto in the 2nd House: Digging for Gold

An individual with Pluto in the 2nd house will often find they are in some sort of stink-hole financially in