Day: May 3, 2016

Pin-up Girls of the Zodiac

Whilst on Pinterest I found some interesting and colourful toons of lovely glamour ladies. As I was looking at the

Susan Butcher: The Caring Dog Musher

Susan Butcher was a championĀ Dogsled racer. What’s interesting in this chart is part of the isolatingĀ life she lived. When she

Pluto: Hell is a Place on Earth

Belinda Carlisle sang Heaven is a Place on Earth. But the first billion years of existence are called the Hadean

Astrology – The Difficult Profession

It is a difficult profession for Astrologers promoting the awareness and validity of astrology, writing books, engaging us in this

A Jazz Pianist: Killed While Changing a Tire

The Jazz pianist, David Azarian, was described as having a cheerful undertone amidst all of the introspection. He started attending