Moon Astrology

By | May 20, 2016

The Moon is traditionally called a Luminary. The Moon is not a planet, but the Earth’s satellite, it is the second most important celestial body in astrology. However, modern astrologers have tended to give the Sun and Moon equal power. For the Moon has as much influence over the earth, and the gravitational pull of this body controls the tides, and even some plants only open for Lunar alone. Love songs are also poetically written under her silvery beams. The Moon rules the zodiacal sign of Cancer and brings a strong connection to family and home, but it can make these natives feel overly vulnerable and sensitive.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, and it has been viewed as a fortunate position bringing peace, pleasure, and stability, which emotionally stabilizes this Moon with a strong sense of inner security. Money matters are also thought to go well under this position 1, but the downfall is becoming entrenched and stubborn in their routine.  In its fall in Scorpio, the Moon has strong loves and hates; it is hard for them to feel neutral and unattached emotionally to any issue, so overall powerful emotions dominate the life.  The Moon’s nature is feminine and moist and rules women, fertility, marriage, motherhood, emotions, the family, the home and cyclic or routine activities. This female connection as shown by lunar’s more gentle light and mirrored by the changes it undergoes generally reflects the lives of women.

The Moon also rules the growth cycles of plants, food, all natural bodies of water and matters pertaining to them, history, the past, and the general public. In the natal chart, the Moon describes the reflective side of the individual, unconscious impulses, emotional reactions, childhood experiences, the mother-child relationship and the native’s need for emotional comfort. It gives insight into some of our subconscious motivations and is thought to have no conscious protection. In traditional astrology, a dignified Moon indicates a highly sensitive, caring, compassionate nature, and can indicate public success, or artistic talents. With a general connection to different weird phenomena happening connected to this feminine body, it is given that the Moon has powerful links to paranormal abilities. A great anxiety is often felt when the Moon grows full and this often rooted in old superstitions. An afflicted Moon often indicates emotional or material instability, self-absorbance, over-sensitivity, weakness, confusion, and fear.

  1. All aspects must be studied in connection to the Moon