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Pluto in the 8th House – Psycho?

Question: What does Pluto in the 8th say about your psychological issues? The reason I ask is because I have this placement and have some psycho issues. I was once diagnosed as ’emotionally disturbed’ and ‘depressed’ by a shrink as a kid. Naturally the 8th and Pluto represent deep psychological forces underneath. This placement can indicate painfully compulsive experiences and it affects a person on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. Bogged down in his or her own negative emotional cycle, the soul might suffer from feelings of shame which causes anxiety because their lack of self-worth eliminates the possibility of seeing themselves as someone powerful. Compulsion is a very potent force, hard to control. A force within drives them emotionally, and makes extreme psychological demands. Pluto in its own house amplifies everything – obsessions, paranoia, depression, dark emotions, and it can bring up feelings of being persecuted. A person may feel psychologically compelled and they can become self-destructive or a threat to others. Something inside wants satisfaction and much of this is done through intense internal and external confrontations. Some Celebrities with Pluto in the 8th house have had a few difficult emotional problems to contend with. Brigitte Bardot, for instance, overdosed on pills and slit her wrists. For 20 years she felt that she was a hunted animal, stalked and hounded by the paparazzi. The press chronicled her misfortunes with relish, her marriage misadventures, the abandonment of her baby son and her suicide attempts. Elvis Presley took antidepressants and there were plenty of other medications fueling his addictive personality. Princess Diana had psychological difficulties and it manifested outward in self-destructive bulimia. Hitler had this placement in conjunction with Neptune and the enormity of his cruelty is unspeakable. Oprah Winfrey has struggled through a tough life: sexual abuse, rebellion, abandonment, death a baby. A lot of these issues are connected to the 8th house and the individual struggles to make their way back out. Pluto in the 8th house person can delve into darker subjects, dig deeper into the psychological meaning of life. However, somewhere there is created a whirlwind of bad juju that can grow into a well of resentment and near-hatred. There is something strangely repetitive about this domain, it’s about being locked in a difficult cycle, about the circular motions that return again and again to the scene of our emotional core problem. According to Fritz Brunhubner, being psycho is the least of your problems. Read this list of possible occurrences: If inharmoniously aspected there is a danger of spiritual (mental) disturbances and such persons should not occupy themselves with occultism for they would then be exposed to sinister influences which could lead to a nervous breakdown, to obsession, etc. Pluto inclines here to repeated danger to the native’s life, gives a tendency to self-destruction, and an unusual tragic and sudden death. Death is due to an inherited or malicious sickness. Likewise, Pluto in the 8th house, tends to infection, poisoning, paralysis, cataleptic trance, tetanus, breaking of the neck, diseases of the blood. The native may meet death through cave-ins, or being buried alive (heroic death, miner’s death). Death may come through deeds of black magic or break of the silver cord by trance mediums. Pluto in the 8th house disappears sometimes and is never seen again; they are recorded in the list of missing persons. The readings for Pluto through the houses in Brunhubner’s book are all black. We meet with the Plutonian forces of death and renewal. Pluto in its own house gains extra emphasis, so what are your deepest desires? What are your demons? What are your obsessions? What are your addictions? Pluto, well, she can be like a drunken evil vortex. The only way most people can deal with Pluto is to have dominating passion, a driving force to channel this enormous power….

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