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Pluto in the 1st House: The Great and Powerful Persona

With Pluto in the 1st house, you are viewed as a powerful individual projecting an aura of mystery. It is hard to figure you out, and others may never reach your true depths. Perceiving life through an intense filter, experiences flow through you like a deep river of emotions, guiding you through the inevitable tragedies and upheavals of a lifetime. According to Pluto: The Transformer and Annihilator, “in the slow process of evolution it will be found that in normal life there will be a complete metamorphosis of character and the closing years of life will see a veritable change in the temperament as compared to the first part of the life, which can again be for either good or ill, according to the thoughts and actions of the native, and the kind of life that is lived.That which the native thinks and feels during the first part of life, they will become during the latter part.” Coming with the essential loss of power in childhood is the feeling that s/he is very wrong somehow, and must become stronger, more perfect, etc., in order to really deserve the importance and impact which the inner soul feels it is due. This sets up a tendency for the child to be extremely critical of its own expression – analyzing it, probing the self and looking for flaws. When an imperfection is found, then a struggle ensues to bring that area up to par, to perfect the self. When that doesn’t work (and generally, attempts at perfection don’t!), the child becomes very unforgiving towards himself or herself. In short, the child will try to appear perfect and all-knowing, to needing anyone’s help. Yet, behind the facade, intense self-analysis is going on, and possibly there is self-punishment for not truly being the ideal person that is projected on the outside. Embarrassment and humiliation are terrible threats which could expose the Pluto person’s failures. Pluto, Planet of Magic and Power Your self-will is immense, strong, determined, and stubborn. At first meeting, there is an arousal of suspicion or uneasiness in others because of the quiet intensity possessed. Negatively this strength of emotions also reflects a desire to control and manipulate situations. Yet, Pluto here sees the hidden intentions of people and it’s hard to convince you that others are not just being anything but unkind; there’s something about Pluto energy that brings out fear, savagery, and unattractiveness in others. There is a desire for the new and at the same time it is difficult to tear away from the old; he alternates between a brutal stand the new at one time and then against the old at another….Very seldom is the nature fully finished, but is very developable; inscrutable of surroundings, always full of riddles and secrets; an inaccessible person with whom it is almost impossible to maintain a friendship and personality which one likes to avoid. Very often these persons are varying, abrupt, suspicious and skeptical. They are frequently obstinate, sensual, unrestrained, with great power of resistance, mental powers and an enduring will…Their strong personalities are attractive, magnetic, and irresistible…If Pluto is near the Ascendant, they have enormous power to force their way through life, not steadfastedly, but subject to certain reciprocal actions. Whatever is done is done with vehemence. They have great desire for experiences and deeds, with an inclination to magical powers, clair-perception and visions…The whole life runs along a peculiar path with repeated overturns and important turning points, often standing at a crossroads, exposed to temptations and trials. Fritz Brunhubner Pluto in the 1st house makes a great psychologist but sometimes your observations are so on point it can be uncomfortable for others. You have intuitive knowledge of others’ wounds and know exactly where their vulnerabilities lie. In relationships, you can become completely obsessed, relating with others will often involve some emotional turmoil or soul mate attractions. In the worst case scenario, there might be a dominating partner/influence in your life, someone who will try to tell you who to see, what to wear, and how to talk or they could be manipulating you for their own purposes. Since the first house relates primarily to the body and superficial personality, this Pluto position (or conjunct ascendant from the 12th) makes the individual himself the personification of the Plutonian traits. Pluto carries the Scorpionic tendency to secretiveness, and this person can appear rather quiet and aloof; but never confuse “quiet” with “docile”! This type is intense, determined, invincible, unyeilding, dauntless, and frequently dictorial. He is likely to be a tower of strength to those around him, and a good person to confide in, as he is the exact opposite of the chattering, gossipy type. He may or may not (usually not) have warmth of personality, is rarely weak unless many other contributing factors prevail, but is always “different.” He is a law unto himself and may, in fact, be “lawless.” If he operates within the bounds of society he is still his own person through a self-imposed separation from tradition. He can go through the motions, but remain absolutely unchanging. Relative to the physical body, an unusual sturdiness may be evident, and in many cases extreme physical prowess. If extremely afflicted, it may denote some physical deformity since this too is an extreme. If other factors support it, the physical condition may also lend itself to advanced psychism. The total picture has to be evaluated, but do look for some manifestation of hyper-development, physically speaking. Virginia Elenbaas Underneath a well-guarded veneer, Pluto in the 1st house may suffer from powerful feelings of inferiority: worthlessness, sinking self-worth, and low self-esteem, which usually starts early. As a Plutonian, you can suffer from self-loathing until your own powers are understood and resources found. Sometimes your feelings about your appearance have little to do with anything about your physical self. You are anxious or insecure, or upset about something else. Shame and self-loathing get focused on the body, but the true sources of anxiety are obscured from view. Anytime you become anxiously over-focused on this or that part of your body or appearance, it’s a good bet that you are underfocused on something else, past or present, that you don’t want to look at….

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