Money Burns a Hole in the Pocket

I’ve seen charts before of people setting themselves on fire. The patterns have often involved Mars, Uranus, and Pluto in some kind of configuration. A chart I researched recently had Mars conjunct Uranus. Mars being in the second house in Scorpio, making him something of a cobra in the financial realm. At his time of…

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Question: I believe the descriptions for Virgoan placements are just limiting and unimaginative, and is a large part of the issue of people being able to identify with their Virgoan energy. I believe we have hobbies, interests, and LIVES and are not walking broomsticks/mops, maids, butlers, and nagging moms/wives. What


Astrology Made EasiestAstrology Made Easiest

I have been book buying and with £100 to be precise. I decided to update the old astrology library. What did I get for this amount of money? But first, who knows whether the kaleidoscope richness and complexity of the soul can ever be fully encompassed by astrology. However, it


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It would have been Jane Roberts birthday today. Jane channeled the male identity who called himself Seth. On a September evening in 1963, her everyday worldview was changed. Roberts sat down at her table to work on poetry. “It was a very domestic, very normal, very unpsychedelic,” she would later