Month: October 2016

Scary, Scary Pluto

Pluto is the planet of mystery, secrecy, and hidden depths. The dark lord of the planets is symbolic of the

Saturn: 22 Mechanisms of Self-Defence

1. Saturn in the horoscope is where we are highly bound, operating from repetitive patterns that keep us safely away

Uranus: 20 Ways to Predict the Unpredictable

1. Uranus individuals, rightly or wrongly, believe that most of us are like sheep, stupid animals programmed by nature to bleat

Venus-Neptune: Worshiped Like Madonna

While some of us see only eyeballs when looking into a partner’s eyes, Venus-Neptune sees their soulmate. The world drops

Venus in Scorpio: A Collection

Venus in Scorpio hates superficial intimacy, and while some lovers close their eyes to what they do not like, the

Venus-Uranus: The Wild Ride

Venus-Uranus in the psyche of a woman (), especially the conjunction and hard aspects, draws her to the delinquent. That

Scorpio: The Servant of Satan?

Question: Is Scorpio’s sign associated with satan? The general public continues to respond to them with a morbid fascination. Scorpio

The Zodiac and the Soul

The Zodiac and the Soul by Charles E.O. Carter was published in 1928. In spite of his traditional manner, I always

Sun-Uranus: The Chain Breakers

Sun-Uranus contacts have the reputation of possessing a troublemaking spirit. They are said to indicate a personality which is contrary, someone

Aquarius: Absolute Zero Gravity

The Aquarian type will, explicitly, give us a heads up that their life does not always proceed in a linear