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The Ascendant: First Impressions

Whatever your relationships in social situations might be, you have to admit you behave differently when nobody’s looking. Also, you’ll also act differently in different situations. Take, for example,  how someone could be very shy and subdued in the company of strangers,  but when in the company of family and friends is extroverted. It is the ascendant which reveals the fraction of yourself that you present at the first meeting. What’s even more fascinating is that it describes exactly what face you wear outside. The first thing you probably notice on another person is (usually) their looks, whether it is the look of their face, or the look of their outfit or hairstyle, or their body language, and so on.  As a consequence, while the ascendant reveals your outer layers, in doing so, it also effectively hides the deeper complexities of who you are underneath. This could be likened to a visible iceberg, there is always a lot more happening below the surface. Hence, in the place where you feel safest, the mask drops away and the real person begins to appear: the demented, vengeful, sadist, killer (not really). So, for the most part, the Asc – initially at least – hides depths of the personality, shields the interior, heavily edits, censors, and effectively walls off the being.  What’s more, despite its powerful influence on the birth chart, astrologers hold the belief that it is not until you reach forty when you really become conscious of the importance of the ascendant and begin to consciously develop this area, which includes the response to others, events,  and circumstances in the outer world. The rising sign is that one ascending on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth and marks the point where the earth meets the heavens, or where the inner reflects the outer, or expressed in more literal terms, where our view of the outside world is coloured by our own personal, inner world. It is the lens which we use to focus our impressions upon so-called external reality; everything we see is coloured  by the energies of the rising sign and likewise this information is transmitted back to us so that it represents the face or mask which we present to the world in order to adapt to outer conditions, performing the same function as the persona. The sign on the ascendant is often much more obvious on first encountering anyone than is the Sun-sign, since it often alters considerably one’s physical and facial characteristics and personal mannerisms one wishes to display. Although it is not really a matter of ‘wishing,’ the contents of the rising sign are quite natural and spontaneous. Jungian Birth Charts  …

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