The Ascendant: The Arrival

Howard Sasportas relates our birth Asc to the hatching of the egg and once had a funny rundown in an astrological seminar showing the style of pecking our way out of the egg. For example, if we have Gemini rising, we’ll come out cheeping and be looking around curiously. If we have Leo rising, then…

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Jupiter in LibraJupiter in Libra

Let’s get something straight first, Libra isn’t just about ballerina pirouettes across center stage and has as much to do with a sense of dignity, courtesy, and the notion of love. Pirouettes aside, When Jupiter is found in Libra it symbolises a continuous inspiration to self-growth within social situations and to unite others


The 2nd House QuotesThe 2nd House Quotes

In your astrological birth chart, the second house below the eastern horizon, refers to possessions; but this word possessions, is usually thought of in a much too narrow sense; i.e., merely as money or goods. It should mean anything necessary to manifest in existence what you are as an individual