Month: January 2017

Who Killed My Daughter?

This article is based on two aspects (Mercury-Pluto & Venus-Pluto) in the chart of the author – Lois Duncan. Duncan’s

Mars in the 7th House

Ancient man saw Mars as a fiery planet because of its redness, and in myth, he was the god of

Pluto Transits: Case Studies

Question: Pluto transits and how to handle them? The harder Pluto transits can make the darkness seem hopelessly black and

Capricorn Ascendant: A Dampner?

Question: My Capricorn Ascendant shuts my personality DOWN. With all of my Libra placements (including Venus trine Jupiter exact), you’d

Mercury in Sagittarius: Universal Knowledge

Question: Why does Mercury in Sagittarius think that it knows the “universal” truth? I want to reach your mind –

Mercury-Pluto: Under Suspicion

Question: I once read (I think it was on Bob Marks’ site) that hard aspects of Mercury/Pluto tend to be

The Trine: Able, Gifted and Talented

Have you noticed those aspects in your chart that seem to have it all together? I’m specifically┬átalking about your trines

Moon-Uranus: The Mayhem and Madness

Question: I have noticed there have been quite a few topics regarding the Moon in aspect to Uranus and just

Are the Nodes Spiritual?

Question: Do the Nodes represent spiritual development opportunities? With the North Node I’ve found out, as Emerson counseled, that “there

Mercury in the 2nd House

The individual with Mercury in the 2nd house finds that the mind frequently gravitates towards earthy and materialistic concerns; they