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Mercury in Sagittarius: Universal Knowledge

Question: Why does Mercury in Sagittarius think that it knows the “universal” truth? I want to reach your mind – where is it located? The mind likes to go off wandering, is restless, outgoing, and freedom loving in its way of thinking. The Universal Mind is the universal higher consciousness or source of being in some forms of esoteric or New Thought and spiritual philosophy. Mercury in Sagittarius’ traveling mentality is needed in order to gain the truth by viewing things from as many sources as possible. As Mark Twain said in a round about way: the broader or more universal view of things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the world’s knowledge. At times there is a preoccupation with distant goals and lofty ideals, which can make the natives oblivious to what is under their noses. Frances Sakona and Louis Acker The individual hungers after knowledge and learning; they tackle subjects with zest and energy, moving from one learning situation to another. Everything interests you, especially subjects that have significance beyond the mundane or which offer universal truths, such as philosophy, psychology and religion….You have a fantastic imagination and a way with words. A natural storyteller, you can entertain crowds for hours with amusing tales, and could turn your talents to writing. Sometimes your imagination can run away with you, however, and you have a tendency to exaggerate. Your vision is broad and all-encompassing. You are able to comprehend the larger picture and see how all the pieces fit together. Rather than isolating information and taking it at face value. Skye Alexandra Mercury is descriptive of the nature and quality of our mind and the thought processes we ordinarily employ to analyze everyday problems. Saggitarius is a sign of FAITH. If one lacks faith, and consequently chooses a lower level of significance for a study, no degree of ‘objectivity’ will ever save them from missing the point of the WHOLE THING. It robs them of the possibility of UNDERSTANDING. You are particularly interested in subjects that study the universe as a whole, such as science, or that cover a broad area of human activity, such as history or social science. You want to understand the patterns of the world around you. Robert Hand Mercury in Sagittarius is dealing with a higher significance or Level of Being and the mind must extend towards its higher qualities. Faith (Sagittarius) is not necessarily in conflict with reason (Mercury). Sometimes faith is blind. People act on faith when accepting the words of the prophets, sages, and saints, who speak of high levels.  Of course, faith does not always see everything in rational ways, but it has to do with intuition. Mercury in Sagittarius fastens their attention around the truth and, as Marie-Louise von Franz says, to know something is true even when there is no reason for it. Mercury in Sagittarius can indicate a mind which engages in an eternal quest for universal knowledge and general moral truths underpinning social formations. Freda Edis In order to gain the full meaning of a subject Mercury in Sagittarius takes a large leap of faith in understanding. They perceiveswith the light of the intellect, knowledge, and a consciousness beyond the ordinary sense data to produce insight. Mercury is in a FIRE sign and, thus, possesses a force of mind that reaches out and represents spiritual rebirth as well as the growth potential in all of its implications. In traditional astrology, Mercury is the planet of the lower mind, which deals with the miniature small picture. Sagittarius rules the so-called ‘higher mind,’ the BIGGER or UNIVERSAL picture. At best, the Mercury-Sagittarius blend gives a profound sense of purpose and the ability to focus on distant goals. A far-reaching ambition to comprehend the mental and moral laws of the universe and to reconcile scientific and religious approaches to life results in a tendency to study several subjects simultaneously. Marica Moore Mercury in Sagittarius also has a good sense of humor. Humor promotes learning, makes it fun, and studies have found that students who attend lectures that include witticisms and anecdotes achieve higher test scores than students who attend the same lectures minus the humor. So there are many intellectual benefits to Mercury in Sagittarius and the wonderful capacity for imbuing learning with amusement, sparkle, and meaning. Their thoughts are like shooting stars. Isabel Hickey  …

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