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Moon-Neptune: A Deep Interior World

An abundance of emotion is captured with this combination. With the double water domination, they are extremely sensitive to the feelings of others, able to pick up their emotional wavelength and sometimes absorb the unhappiness or distress. The individual can become submerged by extraneous emotions and can lose a sense of personal identity. Astrologers will often tell these natives to not let in emotions that don’t belong to them. A question people ask constantly is how to determine where an emotion belongs to them or someone else. It’s best for the type to get within their own boundaries and to define personal space, they’ll have a physical and imaginal way to identify where they begin and end. It also involves a sense of being grounded and focused so their emotions and reactions are articulated through their own sense of identity and contrast it with others. The type is awash with emotions and it can often make it difficult to look objectively at a situation. However, when the Moon is in contact with the Neptune, they depend on their emotional antenna, so anything out of place is immediately picked up and amplified. It can accent creativity, inspirational activities, spiritual growth, psychic talent, musical and artistic ability, sympathy and compassion for others. The introversion and retreat from the outside world produces creative artists, this introversion is a channel for inspiration. Such intensity drains their energy, causing them to retreat, to be alone with their thoughts, to recover from the sensation of being bled, bombarded or consumed by others. Another danger exists in using their psychic abilities to retreat from the world and depend on intuition to solve their daily problems. Negatively there is a strong need to escape -disappearing, emotional breakdown or depression. Astrologers believe that Moon-Neptune produces the fear of annihilation or the fear of loss of boundaries, the fear that they are going to disappear into oblivion. The planet Neptune symbolizes the loss of oneself in listening to music, or in quasi-mystical experiences when the self feels it is merged with the not-self which may be called God; but not necessarily. According to Richard Idemon, the aspect may show some unstable qualities: I knew a little girl with the Moon conjunct Neptune whose mother was a very airy person with no planets in water. The mother was frightened of feeling, and was always trying to reason with her daughter, to make her be more detached and objective about things. The little girl resorted going into a corner and digging gouges into her arm in order to show her mother how badly she had hurt herself. It was only then that she would recive the kind of emotional sympathy and concern she needs from her mother. It had to be that extreme to get the effect she wanted. So I think there can be a definite tendency toward self-destructive behavior with Moon-Neptune, because nurturing is associated with being wounded or hurt. A mother may model Moon-Neptune to a child. She does this by being wounded in some way, or she is an alcoholic or someone who just can’t cope with life. Themes in Moon-Neptune’s life often have to do with boundaries. The mother had poor boundaries; she had difficulty distinguishing between the child and herself, and Moon-Neptune was often expected to mother her mother. There might have been episodes of the mother of “not being able to go on,” hence the threat of suicide was in the air. The Moon with Neptune is not only difficult to express but difficult for others to comprehend. The emotions come and go, slipping into being, sliding into nothing. Since they operate from their emotional being, they find it difficult to grapple with hard reality in their daily affairs. This is a heart that bruises easily from neglect, rejection or coldness. The emotions are cocooned in a dream-like haze and they find it hard to capture in words and explain those swirling emotions. Distractions always shimmer seductively. Because they may escape from reality by whatever means they choose, they’re unable to see the disorder around them. As a result, their appearance or surroundings are neglected and things may get highly disorganized. Moon-Neptune may entwine themselves around another depending utterly on his strength and substance to get them through the day. Sometimes a psychological crutch is needed to get them through life -drugs or drink. The Moon-Neptune type may need to experience some psychological changes resulting in a major shift of identity -when a hitherto childlike or dependent woman begins to integrate a strong, independent person in her own right. The main difficulty with this contact is sufficiently developing the self and identifying with others and reacting over-sensitively to their problems. Moon-Neptune has those moments where there is a beautiful perception of life – a warm, sensitive soul who spreads their creative talents around and unhesitatingly helps those in need. The individual has a deep interior world, they understand by feeling and intuition what the other or what the whole needs. The inner life takes on great importance. There is considerable emotional concern for others. The person might be drawn to the helping professions or protective types of work where their empathy and sympathy can be valued and used in positive ways….

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