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Moon-Uranus: Suddenly Home

Moon-Uranus needs personal space and intellectual freedom to explore their interests, especially anything new and startling. Delving into far-out concepts, and exploring new inventions; they feel like they have a pipeline to the universal mysteries and the changes that are about to take place. The person displays intuition, inventiveness, unusual creative ability, and constantly stumbles onto new ideas that no one else is suggesting. Moon-Uranus isn’t easily pigeonholed, for the planet of originality and personal magnetism merges its exciting characteristics with the emotional Moon. The emotions, therefore, are expressed freely, but the moods can shift abruptly, erratically, with little regard for the reactions or feelings of others. The inner life is, overall, fascinating, filled with stimulating activities, or, on the other hand, an existence torn with disruption and strife. The person could be electric, sparky, and exciting to live with for Uranus bombards the Moon with tremendous electrical surges, which constantly upset the emotional equilibrium. The contact between the Moon and Uranus is a mood switcher and others are often startled by their turnabouts. The individual will always jump at the chance to explore a different path, to break away from dull routines and predictability in living. In breaking free they may also want to be unconventional, and interests may include astrology or esotericism, subjects which lie outside the present scientific world-picture. Of course, by no means everyone with strong Uranian aspects will become an astrologer, but they will probably be interested in something pioneering – say in some innovative technology like radar. Once they have found their interest, then they can throw themselves into it heart and soul. They become absorbed in each new bright idea. ..Something inside these people drive them from one new thing to another and they have little security and little rest….Acceptability of the mutability of things gives these people the strength of mind to walk away from the wreck of their world in order to start afresh. Sometimes the urge to demolish is so powerful that when things have been quiet for too long, they deliberately stir up trouble and try to get some action: they are so in need of variety and new stimuli. By Karen Hamaker-Zondag This aspect brings about unstable emotional situations in the home. The life may be shaky, with many abrupt changes of residence and an unsettled background. As a result, they may find it hard to feel settled, stable, and fixed in one place. Moon-Uranus fears abandonment and has a tendency to create situations in which this happens. As children, they may have felt some sudden change in the family sphere and, consequently, left with the feeling of suddenly having the rug pulled out from under them. Psychologically, some Moon-Uranus people abandon others before abandonment happens to them. Alternatively, they may be drawn to partners who are not there for them or who are inaccessible. So some intimate connections may suddenly break or end. The emotional responses of the type are forever jumpy and there may be impetuous involvements, which may fall out suddenly. I have a tendency to feel emotionally abandoned and not recognized. One day I asked my mother if she could think of a reason why I ended up this way. She told me that when I was born she had to have a Caesarean and that she didn’t see me for twenty hours after birth. Then she said that when they brought me to her, she thought to herself “Who is this stranger?” and that she felt absolutely nothing toward me. The Moon needs something very intimate and personal, a need for a deep connection. Uranus wants something broader ranging, universal, and all inclusive. The aspect is, therefore, symbolic of the feeling that everybody is their brother or sister, and represents the need to embrace the entire world. The planet Uranus stands for freedom and it liberates people with preoccupations with the rules which society feels they are obliged to follow. Uranus prevents anybody from becoming stuck in a rut, it’s simply not possible with this planet. It tends to keep them drawn to situations for which they will have a new experience different from others and continually experiment with what is different. The energy of Uranus will ask the individual to forgo social conditioning and individuate the idea of family. Often the family will never fit into the straightjacket of conformism….

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