Month: March 2017

Aries: What Are We waiting for?

Question: One of my best friends has the Sun in Aries rising. She’s youthful, direct, and somewhat oblivious (she’s too

Earth Signs: Grounded for Life

Question: What is it that makes them such grounded people? Earth people cling to this spinning planet. Earth is the

Virgo: Practical Magic

Question: Why are Virgos so unemotional. All they do is criticize and make judgments, and they’re just too perfectionist? This

Mars in the 9th House

An individual with Mars in the 9th house likes to challenge themselves intellectually, so higher education may be a priority,

Saturn in the 2nd House: Ebeneezer Scrooge

Question: In this quote by Liz Greene, it is such a horrible prophecy, see in this last paragraph below. What

Website Design

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Pluto Rising: Oh My God, I Thought You Were Such a Bitch

This point in the chart is important for it seems to be the first energy expressed when interacting with everything

Sun-Pluto: The Ugly Truth

Question: How are people with Sun-Pluto like? There is an expression, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” Sun-Pluto disagrees.

Neptune Transits to the Sun: All Confusion. All Paradox. All Mystery.

Neptune is filled with ecstatic feelings of love and happiness, affinity for other people, a feeling of being one with the

Somewhere the Sun is Shining

This body on the astrological┬áchart represents the Self, and it’s the source of your sense of what kind of life