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Mercury-Saturn: Slow Learner?

Question: I have Mercury conjunct Saturn in my chart. I have an idea in my head but can’t put it into words, or I can get it out but I stutter and end up making a mess of it, and I’m not sure whoever I’m talking to understands what the hell I’m saying. However, if I’m typing or writing I don’t have this problem nearly as bad. It’s only when I talk to people face-to-face. I’m a cashier and trying to have a new conversation with a stranger every few minutes or so gets tiring and by the end of my shift, I find myself either nodding to everything or stuttering a bunch. Any thoughts? Astrologers point to Mercury-Saturn as a possible indication for stutterers. It can be hard to stop. The psychiatrist Victor Frankl calls this “the law of reverse effect.” The more a stutterer wants to stop stuttering, the worse he stutters. On the other hand, Frankl mentions a stutterer who was asked to play a stutterer in the school play, and then he was unable to stutter. As overconfidence undermines intelligence, curiosity, and thinking, so does a complete lack of confidence. As the psychologist Todd Kashdan puts it, anxiety and curiosity are two opposing systems. Fear kills the spontaneity of the mentality and takes up a lot of energy. Everybody has it challenging with Saturn, so it’s hard to give advice (we always feel that we’re failing with our own Saturn). Maybe the mind is pinned beneath the boulder of anxiety. Maybe it gets too heavy under the weight of expectation, too frightened to make a mistake. If it’s difficulty with talking then just fill talk with lots of blah-blah-blah and just put it out there unformed. It might slowly liberate the mind from its confines. Basically, with Saturn, disappointment, embarrassment, and all the places where we just cannot feel good are a sort of death. Reaching our limit is not some kind of Saturnian punishment. Psychologists believe that fear and anxiety are messengers telling us that we are about to go into new territory. What brings fear to me is different from what brings fear to you. If you aspire to know your Saturn fully and not repress it – a hardness within you will dissolve. Saturn tends to be where we have obsessional worrying with threats to our sense of confidence and self-esteem. You might have to burrow into your anxieties and unlock any hidden psychic traumas. According to Dana Gerhardt when her relationship with Saturn changed “The sour fudge, worry wart, and grim bane of my existence finally relaxed and became my cheerleader. Mercury-Saturn is also reluctant to embrace new concepts, let alone out there ideas, without hard, incontrovertible evidence. As much as the Mercurial element longs to learn new stuff, Mercury with Saturn simply cannot accept anything until it is properly known. These people make their subjects concrete. Some Mercury-Saturn types are into cramming like Thomas Jefferson on a bender (as a young man, he studied fifteen hours a day, practiced violin for three, and spent the remaining six eating or sleeping). Abrahan Lincoln wasn’t the quickest learner (Mercury square Saturn). A cousin remembers him as somewhat dull…not a brilliant boy, but worked his way by toil. A blockbuster of a quote by Abraham Lincoln explains this aspect perfectly: “I am slow to learn and slow to forget that which I have learned. My mind is like a piece of steel, very hard to scratch anything on it but almost impossible after you get it to rub it out.” Perhaps this should be the mantra for all of our Saturn aspects.  …

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