Month: April 2017

Saturn: Where Your Boundaries Are

Symbolized by the cross of matter over the crescent of the soul, the astrological symbol of Saturn signifies that your

The Tripartite Nature of Man: Spirit, Soul, and Body – Sun, Moon, & Ascendant

The Sun, Moon and Ascendant blending show the body as garment (Asc), Soul as memory (Moon), and Spirit as God

Venus: The Outer Edge of Grace – Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Venus in aspect to Uranus desires a love in the celestial realm. A relationship of Uranian spirit, even though the

Venus in Aries: Love in the Fast Lane

The Venus in Aries type is enthusiastic, impetuous, and intense in love/friendship. No type is warmer hearted, or more frank and

Neptune in the 4th House: The Flooded Home

Question: How does it influence one’s life and personality? Neptune’s symbolism will find its expression in the home (ruled by

Venus-Saturn: The Ugly Duckling Syndrome

Question: I read somewhere that people with Venus/Saturn aspects in the natal chart are typically plain as children but grow

Venus in Libra: Girls of a Feather

Men with this placement often like pretty girls, style, politeness, cleverness, long hair, high heels, refinement, and generally all things

Venus in Gemini: A Very Sexy Question Mark

Venus in Gemini is a very sexy question mark, full of magic tricks, and with a few new twists. With

7th House Quotes

In a way, we are always looking for 7th house people as we go through life. The 7th house is

Pluto Transits: The Loss of a Pet

My cat is being put to sleep this week. I have had her since I was 19 years old. I