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Mercury-Pluto: ‘That Was a Bitchy Thing to Say, Wasn’t It!’

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may do the same. If you want to learn how to stab someone to death with a pen (verbally, I mean) Mercury-Pluto is where you need to go to school. We do not accept that we are not in control but there is abundant evidence that the subconscious makes us say or do things that we really know we should not do or say and is opposite of our conscious will (“the devil made me do it”). The subconscious is always turned on in the background and the really malicious person, with strong Pluto aspects, needs to confront his/her hidden demons, so to speak. Mercury is the mind, it’s what we say, write, and communicate. It describes what we talk about and in what style. Pluto represents those deep down feelings that we try to cover up. The emotions underneath that are monstrous when hostile, powerful and weighing heavily. Pluto rules deep emotional wounds, blows, and trauma. So, the tantalizing question: Is it really Mercury-Pluto being a wicked bitch or is it just someone expressing verbally some of the things in their uttermost subconscious. The Mercury apparatus is attached to Pluto’s inner demons after all. The subconscious picks up on something unresolved in the psyche in order to effectively make an impact. Look at the insults with logic, the nasty part is really a way of getting attention and this is how Pluto works. Although, we can decode what Mercury-Pluto is saying and begin to understand some of their problems. Some of it is jealousy and insecurity. Some of it’s true, even if it is a brutally honest assessment. There are other things that a Mercury-Pluto type says that digs up some of their own stuff, unwittingly. Usually, once Mercury-Pluto types realize that they’re holding their dark secrets and fears for everyone to see, it minimizes the landslide of barbed comments. We can decode the bitchy things said below. There is no deep psychology here for you to analyze to death, but I think it’s a good exercise to do in order to get at the root cause of some of the bitchiest comments. It might make it easier to deal with this type of Mercury-Pluto person in one’s life: Oh, and yes, I saw Prema in Handels.’ `Prema! What did she have to say for herself?’ `Nothing much really. I don’t think she likes me.’ `Nonsense. You say that about all my friends. ‘Course she likes you. Although she did say you were too good-looking for my own good.’ `She said that?’ `Now don’t get a big head!’ ‘No danger. I just think that’s a bitchy thing to say.’ `Vincent that’s not fair. She was being nice.’ `I’m not so sure. She’s probably jealous. Trying to stir up suspicion and spoil things.’ “You can pick me up.” He grinned. “See, I knew this was a date.” “It’s not.” I shook my head, unsure why I was even denying it. Maybe it was because it felt too surreal. I’d wanted something to happen between us for so long that now that it actually was, I didn’t know how to handle it. “I’m grounded. You picking me up solves one of my problems.” Well that was such a bitchy thing to say. Why was I always so keen to say the first sarcastic, bitchy thing that came to mind when I was around him? I wanted him to like me, not hate me. “Oh.” The area between his brows puckered. It was the most adorable expression I’d seen on his face yet. Guilt flooded my system. I needed to work on softening myself. “Wow, a bit bold, aren’t you?” I opened my mouth to respond, but my cell chimed with an incoming text from Jasper. He tried to take me in his arms, but I stiffened and pulled away. The whirling of crappy emotions hadn’t left the building. Dylan wasn’t nearly as pissed as he should be. He sighed. “You’re a difficult woman to live with.” Oh, there it was—the opportunity my passive-aggressive side had been waiting for. I put my hands on my hips and squared up to him. “I never asked you to live here.” That’s a bitchy thing to say, and I hadn’t wanted to say it, but it burst out of my mouth like an alien baby. I envisioned all sorts of gross gooeyness spewing in all directions. From the look on Dylan’s face, some of it definitely hit him. “You’re having twins with Michael. Let that register with you. Twins. Michael. Oh, and your thirty-eight years old, and your high tech boyfriend isn’t even thirty!” “Of course, you would have to bring that up. That’s a really bitchy thing to say.” “Bitchy, but true,” Lisa quips back at me. “Tell me something,” I say, looking at her closely. “You would never sleep with Michael, right?” “No!” Lisa says, incredulous. “What are you asking me?” “I’m just checking.” I try to shrug in this nonchalant kind of way. There’s a long pause. “I cannot make the same promise for Court Chandler,” Lisa says. We both laugh at this declaration. I hug Lisa tight. “Thank you for being honest,” I say. Lissa has a smug look about her which she tries to hide but I catch it none the less. “He never told you that did he? Whilst he was wooing you, getting you to do exactly as he wants. he’s using you Anne, for God’s sake. Wake up, he doesn’t want you, he wants Harry!’ she delivers this shot straight to the heart then sits back in her chair watching me with her baby blue eyes. I don’t know where the anger comes from but suddenly I jump up and lean over the table at her, palms down on the top, I glare at her. “That is a completely bitchy thing to say Lissa and you are bang out of order. You can’t stand me being happy can you?” I spit at her. You are only happy when I’m playing the sad, fat, friend role. Well no more, it stops now. ‘She stands up now looking startled. ‘don’t be ridiculous Annie, I’m just watching out for you. He’s dangerous Annie and you need to open your eyes and see it for what it really is.’ I am shaking now with fury, “get out Lissa before we really fall out! I am going to go upstairs and speak to my son, tell him that daddy’s back, you are not going to spoil this for me.” I brush past her heading for the door. I vaguely hear her saying ‘Annie please, wait, fm sorry..” but I ignore her. I go upstairs and throw myself on the bed still shaking and angry. A few minutes later I hear the front door and then her car pull away. “Do you really think I’m going to sit down and tell you all about myself, so that you can have an accurate picture of me? You’d never get a good picture of me, not with a camera or any other way.” “I don’t know what it is I said that set you off, but you’re making one hell of a fuss over nothing. And I’ve got the right to my own opinions about you, about why you behave the way you do, and why you’re getting in so deep with Ball and his gang.” Jack replied abruptly. “Maggie Claiborne says you’re queer.” Linda sucked in her breath. “What a bitchy thing to say! Just because I don’t sleep around town like a whore … What makes her so damned vicious?” “But—” He shook his head. ‘That sounds pretty melodramatic, doesn’t it? After all, we’ve been together twelve or thirteen years—if you call occupying the same establishment ‘being together.’ We’re—ah—useful to each other, let us say. Mari took me on when I was a callow copywriter for an advertising agency. She has done a lot for me, opened doors I never could have opened for myself.” “You have been useful to her, too,” I said hotly. “You sup-port her, wait on her hand and foot, act as an—” “Escort,” he broke in. “That’s the most important. A woman like Mari, especially as she grows older, must have an ever-present escort, some more or less presentable male who will demonstrate to the world that she is still sought-after, desirable. Mari has never loved me, has never loved anyone but her own devastating self.” He smiled wryly. “That’s a bitchy thing to say, isn’t it? Still, it’s true.”…

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