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Mars in the 3rd House

Mars in the 3rd house is frank, bold, determined in their communication, and sometimes pushy. The type has very definite and strong opinions, and most all of this applies to their speech or literary expression, and their everyday encounters. Quick tongue and fine brain, with excellent abilities to express their opinions, are what make them stand out from the crowd. The whole mental processes seem to speed up, they learn quickly and grasp things easily, but also get bored easily. Such individuals are linked to lively conversations, stinging repartee, and sometimes flying crockery. If interested in writing, they put lots of energy into it and achieve a lot in a short space of time. Alternately, they may also rush their words, speech, and the writing through being impatient to talk and discuss topics of immediate interest. This same tendency, however, also means they’re passionate, activated, animated, motivated, and ultimately have an intense voice, which is heard above others. This placement of Mars can make for a lot of mental fighting. Inwardly they may always be arguing with themselves; they have endlessly sharp responses that they could have said but didn’t. The issues of being relentlessly challenged by something or other in their small world creates the need to take action, and their challenge is to conquer any obstacles in their force field. What’s more, they enjoy spirited arguments and anything that excites them on the mental plane. Mars in the 3rd house will draw a lot of activity into the daily life and life becomes extremely active on this level. In the local environment they like to get out a lot and be sporty or active in the community by doing various challenges; they are immensely observant of events and people. Mars in the 3rd house is often thought of as an indication of driving a sports car and it’s also famed for being a little accident prone. There can be impatience with transport. Road rage and fast driving are possibilities here but this is also a good placement for a race driver. Above all, verbal communication is of vital importance, they get excitement from sparring and debating, sometimes words are used to verbally attack others. They tend to use words as weapons. Equally, they are attracted to people who are mentally stimulating and exciting, with quick dialogues, and who seem passionate about what they think. Mars int he 3rd house may fight on behalf of their neighborhood, siblings, and school friends. Similarly, the type may fight with these same groups of people, it can create disagreements and turf wars. Mars represents where we have warred and been warred upon. Mars with its red color has always been associated with bloodshed, anger, and war, and with its two satellites Phobos and Daimos (meaning terror and fear) it is known as the god of war. This placement can be indicative of a person who takes a warrior-like stance in the protection of brothers or sisters. They like to express themselves honestly, directedly, and forthrightly, and may have got into trouble at school for being too outspoken or their aggression was directed towards other classmates. As a child they may have been extremely competitive, discussions were often very heated at times, and they’re were forever fired by a sense of inquisitiveness and a need to know. Susan: I had a younger sister whom I used to persecute. It went on until she got big enough to beat me down. She smacked me really hard one day. I must have been about six, and then it stopped. She was physically much bigger than me. Lynn: Mars in the 3rd house usually means that there is a certain amount of rage in the relationship with siblings. “How dare you come into my territory.” Susan: Yet now we are incredibly close. We are very protective of each other physically, materially. It’s us against the world.” The Mars Quartet The type is hyper-communicative, always pressing points, and they have an excitable need for information, getting an adrenaline rush from all kinds of interesting stuff. Hunting for books like a soldier, reading tastes may lean towards exciting, fast paced stories, adventurous or motivational. This area of the chart suggests that they like to challenge themselves mentally, and are drawn to learning anything new; they are counted on for innovative thoughts and  ideas. There is usually an active, eager mind with quick repartee. A piercing intellect, a strong vocabulary or sharp verbal ability may be stockpiled as the necessary weapons with which to mount any advance. Although sometimes those with a 3rd house Mars may ‘ram’ their thoughts down another person’s throat, their words also have the capacity to arouse others to action. Then again, they may spend as much time fighting their own thoughts as challenging those of other people. They can attack any subject of interest with zeal; and there is a natural desire to talk or write about whatever excites them. Some may ‘blow off steam’ through writing down their thoughts and feelings. A good form of self-therapy might be composing an angry letter to someone with whom they are furious, and then ripping it up.” Howard Sasportas…

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