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Astrologers have said that Mercury-Venus’ logic is erotic. So does this mean that you turn your mind to more sexual topics, sensuous, or perhaps you entice listeners with the words that you choose? A whispered term of endearment, a flirtatious phrase, a secret suggestion. Absolutely, you stir and stimulate intellectually, turning talk into a fine art. Words may be your gift. This aspect would describe someone who has a love of words, who could be a writer or even a collector of valuable books. You may have gifts with language and are likely to be diplomatic and charming in conversation. Your words can arouse desire and you give full voice to your desires. You bring the analyst to anything Venusian – love and romance, art and beauty, pleasure and enjoyment, values and money, style and dress, arts and music. Basically, you will talk about what pleases you and your personal taste. Furthermore, you have a talent for transferring beauty into the written form. You may like to view art and go off and write about it. Art and writing spring from the same well of inspiration – the desire for personal expression. You turn the written word into a piece of art. There can be a skill in music, poetry, literary or some kind of involvement in the arts. You may find great value in books and deeply appreciate when something mentally stimulating is presented in the most attractive way. If a writer, there is a beautiful tone to the storytelling, lovely words, or you have beautiful handwriting. A perfect beauty can have her looks fade, but with intellectual talents, everybody long appreciates them. You may like to talk or write about relationships or just enjoy scribbling about love. A relationship may be formed with someone who is involved in communication or is youthful. Lots of people fall for your sometimes cunning charm. You have a pleasant manner of expression and tend to be diplomatic and social and you’re clever with flattery. You say nice things and may have excellent diplomatic skills. You prefer discussions to be agreeable and respond best to a pleasant atmosphere. You are mentally blessed and can find wonderful mental harmony with others. There could be many gifts in language, and you instinctively know how to put others at ease, communicating pleasingly and gracefully. You may be a little flirty in social situations, and when viewing anything beautiful you’ll respond, first and foremost, intellectually. You blend your intellect and emotions, and you have knowing charms that make others submit to your every desire. Mercury-Mars is an argumentive contact. You like to make it known your individualized side, which is shown through your communication. There are differing beliefs, values, and thoughts that you articulate strongly to everybody else. At times, though, it’s like your volume is broken or stuck, stuck on high. Shouty. It booms off the wall and rattles the blinds. You like to engage in honest interchange for you do not want to hide your views behind a code of neutrality. This is not a fence seater aspect, you live and breathe for clever arguments, fast comebacks, and new ideas. Imagine if everything we thought we said: our mouths would give up the ghost from too much activity. Not so for you. It can be hard for you to keep your opinion to yourself! The vibrationally fast: Yeah, you can be the fastest mentally, and this is most seen when the heat is on in any kind of competition. Take a look at Lisa Lopes (Mercury square Mars) with the FASTEST time. Many Mercury-Mars types are also remarkably fast talkers. Psychologists believe that the faster someone talks the more in agreement we are. Mostly, we tend to like people who get the point quicker, and quick talking folks are constantly judged as being more knowledgeable. Rapid yappers are equated, too, with interrupting and making others upset. Some debaters are fast talkers. Now, if some debaters are fast talkers, can we say that some fast talkers are debaters? As a fast talker or someone who solves problems fast, you might perceive others as being in a time warp or a little slow upstairs. The witty, fast-talking, smart alec, who livens up every dull conversation – Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls, has Mercury trine Mars in the watery signs. So, you’re’ awesome – opinionated, strong, and with lots of sassy comebacks. You are no intellectual coward. The mind has a sword. You have razor sharp mental agility. When angered, you can speak the language of the barbarians – a word that meant those who could not speak the language of culture. This aspect is forceful and direct; you possess a no-nonsense style of communication. There will be no quibbling nor have you time to quibble on non-essentials. You are straight and outspoken. Cate Blanchett – Mercury opposite Mars – is straightforward about her views on feminism and politics. Plus, she’s a not all nicey-nicey in her conversations either, and there’s some RUDE TALK. Blanchett said Vagina in an interview (Mercury-Venus’ reaction). In general, you’re very competitive, argumentative, sharp, and incisive. You start arguments and may stir up animosity with your impulsiveness and tactlessness. You always likes to have the last word, and others often feel that you do not really listen to what they are attempting to communicate; so while you may win the battle (especially if it is a battle of wits), you may well lose the war….

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