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Moon-Mercury: Lunar Voices

This aspect tells us that the way we think will be connected to and affected by the way we feel. In the same way, we could be someone who pours a great deal of emotion into writing, for example. Moon-Mercury speaks the language of the soul, we like to think about feeling and understand the facts about emotions, we are quite literally the thinking-feeling person, and we  attend to our feelings as sources of insight. Being highly reflective in our communication and writing, we need to know almost anything about everything. This is important if we are in a role of offering advice, or make contributions to the arena of knowledge. More importantly, we like to be spoon fed on a library of wonderful books as this combination describes how we are fed and nurtured by information, conversation, reading and/or gossip (the need to tell). We also have this strange ability to absorb everything from our environment. Or, it could be our mother (Moon) who likes to learn and communicate or gossip or has a rather sharp tongue at times (Mercury). This could be the combination of a journalist, writer, and commentator. The written or spoken word predominates on a very basic level. On the communicative plane, we reach people best when we are imaginative, sensitive, and tuned into the finer feelings of any subject matter. When the planet of communication lightens up the emotional self, we feel a strong urge to talk a great deal to others, to share some of our ideas and thoughts. Thus, we are drawn toward stimulating discussions, we sparkle with delightful conversation, and we like to encourage people to share their thoughts and feelings. With all of its potential gifts, it can be the signification of the caring mind, and it draws us into counselling situations. Basically, our mind has a set of feelers, such a sensitive mind makes us effective communicators, as we tune into the listener’s emotional state. The way we speak or our style of writing is often therapeutic to others. All of this mental sensitivity, feeling, consciousness, take our mind close to the unconscious. Mentally we’re superbly intuitive, absorb information, and we’re attuned to the public. At best, we have a unique capacity to express ourselves in a vivid, colourful and imaginative way, and everything that we perceive becomes symbolic of our inner world. On the other hand, because the Moon is so intensely personal and Mercury represents our desire to turn over stones, open cupboards and click on links (Mercury is the nature and quality of our mind and the thought process we ordinarily employ to analyze every day problems), we could be someone whose feelings get muddled up in our thinking, we find it difficult to communicate clearly if we feel emotional about something. Finding a workable balance between our needs and our conscious thoughts may require ensuring that our desire to respond to others emotionally does not overwhelm the expression of our individual thoughts. If the Moon and Mercury are in hard aspect, the most creative methods which we might use to for our expression are through channels which we know work well such as writing, painting images of moods or emotional states, expressing our thoughts and feelings through through some kind of art form. These very personal pursuits, done for our understanding alone and not for the benefit of anybody else, can help us to learn more about the inner self, and also help us to see that our feelings are as important and valid as our ideas – vice versa. All of this helps with understanding (Moon) and perspective (Mercury). It really depends on what planet is favoured. If, for instance, we are more intellectualised and address issues mostly on a cognitive level, then emphasising the expression of emotion is paramount.  …

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