Month: September 2017

Sun-Jupiter: Beautiful Thoughts About Happiness

One imagines Sun-Jupiter to have their life exactly how they want it to be. Doing what they wanted to do.

Uranus Strikes Again!

Uranus movements are personal disruption transits in the natal chart. The transit forces us to re-think aspects of our life

The 12th House: The Undersea

Question: I want to state one of my experiences because personally, I wasn’t very happy when I found out that

Venus-Uranus: Quotes

With Venus- Uranus, you have a sparkling, effervescent personality. Popular and sociable almost to an extreme, you have a dynamic

Jupiter-Pluto: Inspirational Forces

Jupiter-Pluto makes itself home to wealth, ambition, and power. It’s a bajillion dollars of an aspect filled with untapped reservoirs

Saturn in the 6th House: Being of Useful Service

The constellations of Saturn in the 6th house revolves around a need for wholeness, wellness, consciousness, and usefulness. Combining skill,

The Progressed Moon in the 2nd House

The path of the progressed Moon through each of the twelve houses of the birth-chart has a special signification for

Venus-Neptune Quotes

Neptune and Venus indicates that there is likely to be a high degree of idealisation in the spheres of romantic

The Difference Between Sextile and Trine

The sextile aspect is often overlooked and is simply relegated to the status of a weak trine according to the

Progressed Moon in the 1st House

One important approach for understanding your cyclic development is to look at the cycle of the progressed Moon in the