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Jupiter-Pluto: Inspirational Forces

Jupiter-Pluto makes itself home to wealth, ambition, and power. It’s a bajillion dollars of an aspect filled with untapped reservoirs of potential. An heir to a fortune has this aspect and inherited 730 million. While much of this interpretation seems too far-fetched for most ordinary folk, there can, in actuality, be huge resources lying dormant. The type is able to manifest powerful energy on the spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional level. On a broader plane, Jupiter represents the urge for a higher purpose in life. It’s primarily about growth, expansion, and development. Pluto signifies all joint resources, including money and possessions and, above all, rules life’s deepest transformations. You have enormous drive and ambition to achieve your goals as soon as possible…You are driven by an insatiable appetite to get the most out of your potential. Your success at seemingly impossible tasks is almost inspired. Behind your ambition lies a powerful faith in your ability to rise above external limitations. Your accomplishments are acclaimed and envied by many. Robert Pelletier As Jupiter rules beliefs, faith, and religion, the person may be extremely religious fanatically devoting themselves to something wholeheartedly. Pluto brings extremes on either end of the scale, so it can also indicate the atheist. Ian Brady has this aspect and didn’t believe in God. It’s ironic that he who professes to believe God is a fiction, after one of his murders had shaken his fist to the sky and shouted: “Take that, you bastard.” Jupiter is the planet that can overdo things and become excessive, the person may be bragging about the ability to wield personal power. The overpowering nature of Jupiter-Pluto to an excessive degree may have a negative effect on society at large or in the environment. In some cases, it’s extremely problematic and brings financial disasters, philosophical disagreements, or some unacceptable forms of behavior. The contact is associated with huge power – for good or ill. The aspect can indicate challenges with external forces of power which demand reform of excessive and ultimately destructive behavior. The best use of your abilities will be towards benefiting others in some way. Whilst Pluto is likely to ‘co-operate’ with you using this energy for personal success, if you tend to apply it in a way that exploits or abuses others through your becoming obsessed with self-satisfaction and desires, you may find that Pluto becomes more subversive and undermines your purposes, stimulating failure as a natural result of your own distorted form of expression, thus creating your own downfall as Pluto forces you to look at the need for transformation. Paul Hayden Since Jupiterian energy also expands the influence of the planets it contacts, it is likely to enhance the need for transformative experiences, and there can be life-changing events. Equally, there’s a strong sense of meaning and purpose and a motivating system of beliefs. The transforming and regenerative abilities are in the area of good fortune and the urge for greater fulfillment. Meaning is intensified and it can lead to an intense searching for something. It can give rise to people who are either extremely unsatisfied and feeling there is nothing “good” out there to believe in or symbolize those who are totally fulfilled on the spiritual level. Overall, especially if the aspect is prominent in the chart, the person has the drive to achieve something beyond what is possible. Pluto rules the collective shadow and the person is more prone to see humanity’s darkness, from power-hungry politicians, perverts, murderers, terrorists – it can seem as if something satanic is happening. Jungian analyst and astrologer Liz Greene points to the paradoxical nature of the shadow as both the container of darkness and the beacon pointing toward the light. Whatever the case,  justice, philosophy, and spiritual beliefs are the likely components of life that are ready for a revival. The person may, in order to reach their highest potential, need to cultivate the potential of something sight unseen. Many Jupiter-Pluto types will certainly not want to play all Pollyanna and pretend that all is good, sweet, and light in the world. Or even cling to the belief in a moral universe. Pluto brings in the darker realism of the underworld, obsession, and all the zeal of a grand inquisitor. So when it comes to faith and their general view of life, the person descends to the very depths of their being and has some soul-searching to do concerning their ultimate meaning in life….

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