Month: October 2017

The Progressed Moon in the 5th House

When the Progressed Moon is in the 5th house life can become something of an emotional whirlwind. It’s a great

Venus-Neptune: Love Fool?

Question: What do you think Venus-Neptune people hate about their interpretations? It’s somewhat unfair that Venus-Neptune is portrayed as a

Sun-Uranus: Rebel Life

Question: Self-willed people do not care about others. They only seek things that will help them and their cause. How

Moon in the 11th House

When the Moon is in the 11th house, friendship becomes important and the person will feel that much of the

Virgo: Miss Prim-and-Proper

I know Virgo women are prim and proper, supposed to be the workers, the critical/detail-oriented ones of the zodiac, but

Venus in the Water Signs

Question:¬†What are water Venus’ like in relationships? How deep is your love? Very. Water Venus’ like to get very, very,

The 12th House: Waters of Creativity

Question: What is the creativity of the twelfth house all about? This kind of creativity extends far and deep. It

Pisces Rising: The Most Fishy Thing I Ever Saw

The Ascendant is the emergence of the self. This part of the chart sets up our environment. The environment that

Saturn in the 12th House: Heavy Angel

Question: I hate Saturn in the 12th house because it’s pretty much the only placement that has no definable interpretation

Venus – Mars Quotes

Venus- Mars shows that you have a strong desire nature which you need to express at all times….In your eagerness