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The Progressed Moon in the 3rd House

Under the progressed Moon through the 3rd house (Gemini’s realm), you will be involved with siblings, neighbors, and with the people and things seen on a daily basis. A greater degree of variety will come into the life, new associations, new contacts will be formed, and greater emphasis on traveling in the immediate environment. Intellectual interests will be intensified, studies enhanced or new studies took up. As a social house, things can take on a more upbeat feeling. The daily environment becomes more important. The progression encourages conversations and fact collecting, anything mentally stimulating. You may suddenly feel the need to be up on the latest information that is happening in the local area, take up reading and writing, feel in the mood to exchange ideas with others. The desire to talk and express the self becomes more dominant and, thus, considerable time and attention will be devoted to learning, although not necessarily of the academic variety, and to passing information onto others in the sphere of teaching or informally at a communicative level. Ultimately, the underlying rhythm of life and the everyday flow of events seems to concern everyday matters that mostly involve the immediate locality. As the progressed Moon moves through the 3rd house realm, the house of communication, it can become an area of focus. As a mental house, any challenging aspects may indicate disputes or arguments that may occur. Astrologers warn of traffic accidents if the aspects are challenging, and that extra care must be paid to maintain a mental alertness. Usually, a new car is purchased (or new modes of transportation are found); there is movement in the neighborhood, and communication and transportation issues become a focus. You may go back to school, or there is some other involvement in helping out with young children. This could be a time when you take up driving lessons or buy a new car, indicating being on the move and being more mobile. The transit of the progressed Moon into a new sign or house will add a different dimension to your emotional life. Each individual progressed Moon offers context to your personal perception of your personal experience. A more active period lies ahead, and it will emphasize flowing or challenging experiences in all of the aforementioned areas. You may show a greater capacity for acquiring knowledge, more emphasis on local interaction, and the way you think and talk. In other words, your mental attitude could shift during this period, and you’ll soon discover that the realm of human relationships is an impossibly varied one. Your close environment becomes a focus when the Progressed Moon enters your Third House. Become more active in your local community, take more day trips, and do more in your everyday life. Being idle daily won’t do you any good now, and you need constant action. It’s possible you may want a whole new change in your environment, and move to a new place. Your mind will also likely be much more active. You may find yourself wanting to learn something new, and pursuing that will do you much good. If you’re already in school, this can be a time when you are more focused and feel you can and want to do better. If you’re a writer or teacher, this is also an especially good time for you. You could be more involved with a sibling, seeking to put to rest old feuds if you have any, or heighten the relationship for the better. The way you communicate and in what ways you want that to change that come up now. You may communicate your feelings more with others now, finding it easier than usual. Communicating in a way that allows you to fully express yourself is sought….

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