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Venus- Uranus: Kissed into Consciousness

Question: When loving, seductive Venus is matched with spontaneous, free-spirited Uranus there’s drama, passion, and wildness afoot. Understanding this powerful combination can smooth the path to lasting love, ease the conflict in your heart and help you to chart a course based on reality. What do you think? The world is not really worthy of this aspect. It has the potential for amazing heights of beauty, intellectual stimulation, sporadic, exciting, and highly passionate affairs. The Venus-Uranus contact is related to relationships that come and go like exploding supernovas – gorgeous, staggering, messy, brilliant, yes, no, champagne supernova love. The freedom-commitment dilemma is predominant the ‘can’t live with him, can’t live without him’ theme is often played out. Some people with this aspect in their “off” period get engaged to somebody else and are all set to marry this other person. It looks they are ready for a new life but then (bombshell) they call the whole thing off and return to their former partner. Quite often committing more deeply than ever before. Venus in aspect to Uranus can be marked by the addictive push and pulls of a relationship. It is common in the charts of those who do the breakup/make up dance several times. One woman with this planetary pairing said, “I did have one very long-term relationship, but it was break-up-and-make-up every week. Eventually, it slowed down to once every two to three months….and then he was ready to get married…but I panicked and ran. As if I’m gonna lock myself down into a relationship and permanently share my resources with someone who is so unpredictable!” The relationship needs to give each-other space: space to grow, to be, to do whatever they need to but in the framework of a committed relationship. I think Venus-Uranus is an ethereal treasure chest dripping with beautiful everlasting gifts of freely available love. It’s weird, it’s beautiful, it’s free. And maybe most impressive of all, you know when Venus-Uranus has met the one when she stares at him like he has just arrived from another galaxy. It’s like a tingling electric buzz that she feels throughout all her body. And lastly but far from leastly, nothing compares to it. It can signify intense and crazy and life-altering relationships in their lives. When the person sees the other he or she feels like they have just passed through an electric current. One woman described it like this: “There is an actual physical jolting that occurs, and every moment with him feels brand new.” Venus gets better with Uranus than one might think. In myth, Aphrodite is Ouranos’ child, who rises from the sea after it is fertilized by the sperm from the severed genitals of her father. Aphrodite Urania is an expression of Uranus in more personal form, and astrologically, Venus has far less relevance to emotional relating than we might conclude if we rely on traditional textbooks. We like to link Venus to relationship, but Venus has little to do with the heart level of relationship. As the ruler of Libra, it describes our impulse to define our value through the contracts we make with other people. – how we adjust to them, how we define the boundaries between the self and other. This airy side of Venus describes how we compromise, and the deals we make. This is relationship as a system, rather than relationship as an expression of emotional closeness. So Venus can be quite a comfortable conductor for the Uranian vision – provided one is not overly afflicted with conventional attitudes, and is able to detach one’s emotional needs sufficiently to understand the rules at play. Liz Greene…

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