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The Progressed Moon in the 8th House

When the progressed Moon moves into the 8th house our emotional nature is very powerful, so potent indeed, that it often seems to rule our entire being. Our feelings are raw, extremely sensitive, and it may periodically throw us into depressed moods, fits of inexplicable anger, or feelings of loneliness and melancholy which we are unable to analyze or explain. It’s a “heavy” time and it could indicate a troubling stage in our life. The depth and intensity of our feelings throughout this progression might leave us vulnerable to hurt and humiliation. Under this progression, we have hungry, strong, and passionate emotions for something or someone. All of our feelings become intensified, and we may refer back to this time as our “Psycho” period. Astrologers call it the “Fatal Attraction” Moon, but anything in Pluto’s house has that doomed sense. Occasions of jealousy, revenge, betrayal, power struggles, mind games, crisis, death, and taboo issues might have to be dealt with. With 8th house energy it can make us feel inferior, impaired, and unacceptable. This house has the power to activate some of our most negative emotional scripts from childhood. This sphere represents that private self to be shared with someone else. Our intimate partners have access to our deepest selves. Hence, it’s a famous house for marital trouble since we argue and fight with such intensity over trivial issues. The content level is not actually trivial, but we feel we are fighting for our very survival. It contains all those qualities which we have excluded from our conscious values and behavior. These attributes, in fact, belong to our own shadow.  We need to integrate this shadow, it makes us human, soulful, and it represents a richness and depth of feeling, which lies within us and gives us immense inner strength and courage. Being alive involves pleasure and pain, it allows us to explore our feelings of ecstasy and also delve into some dark and painful feelings and emotions. There’s something cathartic about getting all that crud out of our system, but if we stop there, we’re missing out on the best part of the total transformation. With the progressed Moon in the 8th house, we stumble across a huge reservoir of energy flowing within. We become aware of our Sense 8 powers, and begin to feel invisible forces. As we inch closer to our inner psychic channels we become more receptive to the subconscious mental powers that are always operating under the surface. Nothing seems to stand in the way of us working our black magick, so when we’re not refining our magical spells, dusting off the ol’ crystal ball, or buying a Ouija board, we recognize that more than mysterious things keep occurring in our life during this period. Emotional upsets in the 8th house can show as sickness, or at the extreme, the death of those we for whom we have affection. It could involve some deep issues within a relationship or marriage. It could mean changes in the life of important female figures. It can be a time of endings and closing chapters in our life. We know that relationships of all kinds are tested in these waters and they either survive and strengthen or it’s time to say goodbye. Like the dark side of the moon, a lot of what is going on with us internally is hidden from view. The effect of the Progressed Moon moving through the Eighth House is very similar to when it moves through the sign of Scorpio. It can be a very draining experience, emotionally charged and difficult. When the Moon first crosses into this house, you have a good chance of seeing some sort of significant change, whether it’s the ending of a relationship, a life-changing decision, or loss of some kind. You may have to deal with power struggles, people on power trips or internal control issues. Financial problems could come up, especially in relation to joint finances, debts, loans, or credit. You can easily find yourself very lonely and down during this period if you don’t use it wisely or haven’t been making good decisions in your life. To use this energy positively, you may need to delve into your basic temperament emotionally. What it is that you need to feel good is something you shouldn’t throw by the wayside. Understand your emotional makeup, and come to terms with your emotional needs. This can be an intense time no matter what, because you’re being forced to evaluate parts of your emotional inner workings that you may have shied away from for a reason. Here’s a story of a woman with the Progressed Moon in the 8th House: I remember a client who used to call me every couple of months, always with the same question. Her progressed Moon was in the 8th house. “Is it over yet?” she wanted to know. Rebecca was nervous about spending money; she told me she couldn’t afford a session. She just wanted to know which day the Moon would be out of the 8th and into the 9th. Because I’d told her this several times already, I knew she’d dialed me up for another reason. She needed to talk. There were no tangible crises going on in her life, but ever since the progressed Moon had entered her 8th, she’d been suffering from anxiety and depression. The 8th, writes John Frawley, can show “fear and anguish of mind.” Especially with the progressed Moon in this house, the mind can become one’s own worst enemy, particularly when it resists the call to either get help or let go of an attachment….    …

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